What are the difficulties in promoting dual-glass solar panels?

- Jan 28, 2019-

Double-glass solar modules have a large number of performance advantages, and have been vigorously promoted by some manufacturers. In 2016, the market share was only 5%. Is it technology, market reserve or other reasons? Sobi Photovoltaic Network communicated with the majority of module companies and EPC companies. .


Some EPC companies revealed to Sobi Photovoltaic Network that during the installation of the PV system, there was a fragmentation at the corners of the monolithic panels, causing no small losses. In addition, the owner is unfamiliar with the double glass, worried that the modules are too heavy, crushing the roof or waterproof layer, so choose the single glass component.


Some solar modules companies also introduced their difficulties to Sobi Photovoltaic Network. A company said that because the production cost and price of Panda N-type double-sided PV panels are relatively high, some resistance has been encountered in the promotion process; D companies revealed that when they first started mass production of double-glass modules, the yield rate was lower. It is an important reason for the failure of large-scale promotion of double-glass PV panels.


In addition, the installation problem still restricts the promotion of double-glass modules, especially in overseas markets, and the acceptance of double-glass is low. J enterprises also believe that the early double-glass panels are easily broken during the installation process, and the current installation is complete. The capacity is still insufficient, and there are some problems in the bracket design and installation tooling, resulting in low installation efficiency and unreliable installation, which limits the promotion and application of the double glass solar panels to some extent.


In the future, the double-glass solar modules will definitely break through the difficulties and achieve better development.