What are the installation instructions for solar panels?

- Jan 26, 2019-

The principle of solar panels is to convert solar energy into electrical energy and input it into the battery. It is one of the most important components in solar power generation systems, and solar cells are an important factor in determining conversion rate and service life.


The component design is designed according to the standards of the National Electrotechnical Commission. The battery conforms to the GBT6495 standard. It uses 36 or 72 polycrystalline solar cells in series to form 12V and 24V different types of components, which can be used in grid-connected power stations, photovoltaic systems, etc. .


The solar panel installation raw materials are battery sheet, glass, EVA, TPT. The battery sheet is packaged with high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon battery to ensure that the solar panel generates power from the main; the glass is low-iron steel suede white glass with a thickness of 3.2mm, can ensure light transmittance of more than 91%, with high efficiency of reflectivity. At the same time, it can not reduce the light transmittance under the ultraviolet radiation of the sun; EVA is a high-quality film that can link the battery encapsulant and glass with TPT, and has anti-aging ability and light transmission; TPT is a fluoroplastic The white film, which reflects the sunlight, improves the efficiency of the components and reduces the efficiency of the components.


The above is the installation instructions for solar panels. It also tells us what the raw materials for solar panels are, so that we can know more about its installation and work efficiency.