What are the main components materials for solar panel?

- Jan 26, 2019-

The solar panel can be used alone according to the different requirements of the user for power and voltage. It can also be composed of several solar modules by series connection (with satisfactory voltage requirement) and parallel connection (with satisfactory current requirement). The array supplies more electrical power.


The life of solar panel components is closely related to the packaging materials and packaging process. The main packaging materials are: battery (described now), glass, EVA, TPT, aluminum alloy frame, junction box and so on.


1. Glass: low-iron (primarily affecting the brittleness of glass) tempered tempered glass, thickness 3.2mm, transmittance in the wavelength range of the solar cell spectrum (320-1100nm) is over 91%, radiation resistant to ultraviolet light The light transmittance does not decrease. The tempered glass assembly is capable of hitting a 25 mm diameter puck at 23 m/s.


2. EVA: A high-quality EVA film with a thickness of 0.5 mm is used as a sealant for solar cells and as an interface between glass and TPT. It has high light transmittance and anti-aging ability.


3. Border: The selected aluminum alloy frame has high strength and can resist strong mechanical shock.


4. TPT: The reverse side of the solar cell, the basic requirements of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, UV radiation resistance, and air resistance.