What is the impact of photovoltaic power plant long grass, how to deal with it?

- Jan 29, 2019-

In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly. Many photovoltaic power plants are built in rural tidal flats, wasteland, woodland and other areas. Weeds and reeds are indispensable in these areas. In fact, for solar power plants, lawn-like weeds are irrelevant, and when the grass covers the power station, hidden dangers will follow.

 PV solar power plant

The impact of PV power plant long grass:


Impact 1: Weed blocks the solar modules, will cause panels performance degradation. Weeds that exceed the PV modules produce shadows under illumination, and shadows are reflected on the panels, reducing the amount of photovoltaic radiation, indirectly reducing the output current of the solar panels, resulting in reduced output performance of the solar modules and reduced power generation.


Impact 2: weeds are blocked, which makes it easy for PV modules to produce hot spots. The panels are blocked by weeds for a long time, and the obscured parts will be used as loads for a long time, consuming the energy generated by other illuminated solar modules. The shielded panel will generate heat at this time, which will produce a hot spot effect. The long-term hot spot will irreversibly affect the performance of the modules or even cause the modules to burn, thereby shortening the overall life of the power station and affecting the revenue of the power station.


Impact 3: Dense weeds affect the heat dissipation of the equipment. The main equipment of the solar power station, the inverter and the combiner box will generate a certain amount of heat during the operation. If it is covered by dense weeds for a long time, it will inhibit the external heat dissipation of the equipment, and the heat will not be dispersed for a long time, which will cause the equipment to overheat and malfunction. It is also worth mentioning that the summer climate is hot and the temperature of the equipment is too high to be dispersed, and there is a risk of fire.


Photovoltaic power plant long grass response:


For the power station to be regularly weeded, now everyone is gradually aware of the importance. However, the method of weeding is still too extensive, which not only affects the efficiency of weeding, but also does not achieve the desired effect.


Finally, the issue of “Grass Power Station” has attracted the attention of the industry. In order to solve this problem completely, it is necessary not only to provide theoretical guidance but also to pay attention to the rational application of practice. Operation and maintenance personnel are indispensable, professional tools must be matched, and there must be a sense of "weeding and grass prevention". In fact, these are summarized as the need for a complete PV power plant operation and maintenance management system. Only a sound management system can ensure the safe, standardized and efficient operation of the power station, ensure the power generation of the photovoltaic power station and the expected return of the investors, so that the "grass power station" does not happen again!