What need to consider when purchasing solar power system?

- Feb 05, 2019-

Some friends don't know much about solar power systems. They are designed and configured according to their own usage when purchasing. They are not unified standard products. In different places, the type of use is different. So let's take a look at the precautions for purchasing a solar power system.

 solar photovoltaic system

First, is pure lighting used for household appliances?


The solar power generation system can be divided into two types according to its functions. One is the household DC lighting system used for simple lighting; the other is the 220V AC output power generation system that can be used for lighting and for household appliances. The lighting system is simple in function and the most cost-effective power generation system, but it cannot be used by household appliances.


Second, is it better to choose a portable one or a combination?


The portable all-in-one machine is also designed to be easy to carry and has the characteristics of convenient carrying and installation-free. It is very suitable for outdoor camping, but due to its limited size, the storage capacity is small and the cost is high. The combined type requires simple installation and large storage capacity, which is practical and affordable, because it is also more suitable for home users and outdoor residences.


Therefore, when purchasing a solar power system, it is best to use the most suitable one according to your actual situation....