Why do double-glass solar modules more high power generation when installed on the roof of a building?

- Jan 26, 2019-

When buying a double-glass solar panel, some people will think about where to install it, and the power generation will be higher. Everyone hopes to make the solar double-glass module play a bigger role. Some people say that installing a dual-wave PV module on a building will increase the amount of power generated. Why? Let me explain it to you.


A double-glass PV panel without a frame will lower its temperature by 2-5 degrees Celsius than the normal operating temperature, which will increase the power generation by about 2%, because the conventional double glass module has an aluminum alloy frame, resulting in internal air. Conducive to convection, after removing the frame, it will be obvious that the convection strengthens the temperature. When we installed the double glass modules on the roof, the internal air convection is very poor, so we can choose the sloped roof to have better results.


For example, we use manpower to bend the double-glass PV panels. At this time, the panels are subjected to external forces of stretching and compression. In this process, gravity is easily generated, which has an impact on the amount of power generation.


Nowadays, the development of solar double-glass modules has become a future trend. In the future life, there will be more places. According to the current scientific development, it is inevitable to produce better double-glass solar panels. On the double-glass modules produced in the future, the research technology will be improved, thereby increasing its life and power generation, and reducing costs more effectively.