Will home use solar panels leak electricity?

- Jan 23, 2019-

In fact, photovoltaic panels have a very strict packaging process, including backing plate and EVA film and other packaging materials, and processed by high-temperature lamination process, not only waterproof and moisture-proof, these materials also have good weather resistance and flame retardancy, so that photovoltaic The power generation efficiency of the product is not affected by climate change and environmental changes. So what if you encounter a lightning strike? In fact, don't worry too much. The system itself has a lightning protection device, and a lightning protection module is added to electrical equipment such as a combiner box and an inverter component of the system to protect against indirect lightning strikes. Moreover, the equipment lines such as the combiner box and the inverter have the function of overload protection. If an abnormal voltage is encountered, the system can automatically turn off and disconnect. Let me talk about the problem of leakage. “The installation and construction of photovoltaic power generation systems have industry standard specifications. Enterprises pay great attention to this in actual projects. When installing photovoltaic systems, technicians will do grounding measures. All joints will use waterproof joints. It can be said that standard construction the entire photovoltaic power generation system is an insulator and there is no leakage problem.

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