Wind and solar hybrid power system

- Jun 03, 2019-

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wind and solar hybrid power system.jpg
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System introduction: Wind-solar hybrid power generation system is a highly integrated and complete set of products that provide power supply for remote or non-electrical equipment using wind-electrical conversion principle. Our wind-solar hybrid power system is widely used in road traffic, residential and commercial building installations, telecom mobile base stations, border guard posts, military power supply etc.


The system consists of the following items: solar modules, wind turbine, solar energy storage battery, an integrated wind and solar hybrid controller/inverter, a mounting bracket and supporting etc components.

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1, integrated system, easy to install and follow-up maintenance

The system is a highly integrated package, the core technology has independent intellectual property rights, and the integrated module components such as wind turbine brake, charge and discharge control, multi-power output, data communication, lightning protection grounding, and safety protection reach the mainstream level;

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2, mainstream system, unattended maintenance free


The system is an unattended maintenance-free and safe and secure complete set of products. The system not only has a wide range of customer use, but also has complete certifications. It is a dedicated solar wind energy hybrid power generation system for transportation, security, water conservancy, communications, petroleum and other industries.

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3, a wide range of use to meet the power requirements of various equipments


Widely used in road traffic, home residents and commercial building installation, telecommunications mobile base stations, border guard posts, military district camp power supply etc.

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4, the service quality of the system has been increased to 5years from the 2years


Only service can reflect the true value of the product. Our service scope covers pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales design, consulting, planning, construction, inspection, replacement, maintenance, etc., and always strictly requires 5S standards, dedication to build a professional team with excellent quality and warm and thoughtful, to ensure the safety and stability of users' electricity consumption.