Wind energy advantages and disadvantages

- Jun 04, 2018-


Wind energy is a source of clean energy.

Wind generators on grasslands in Inner Mongolia

Wind generators on grasslands in Inner Mongolia

Wind power facilities are gradually improving, and mass production reduces costs. In appropriate locations, wind power generation costs are lower than other generators.

Wind facilities are mostly non-dimensional facilities that can protect land and ecology. 

Wind power is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly and clean.

Wind energy conservation and environmental protection.


The ecological problem of wind power generation is that it may interfere with birds. For example, grouse in Kansas, US, has gradually disappeared after the appearance of windmills. The current solution is offshore power generation, offshore power generation has higher prices but higher efficiency.

In some areas, the economics of wind power generation are insufficient: In many regions, wind power is intermittent. The worse is that in places such as Taiwan, where the demand for electricity is high in summer and day, and when the wind is light; it is necessary to wait for compressed air. And other energy storage technology development.

Wind power needs a lot of land to build wind farms before it can produce more energy.

When wind power is generated, wind power generators generate a lot of noise, so you have to find some empty places to build.

Now that wind power is not yet mature, there is still considerable room for development.

Limitations and drawbacks

There are some limitations and disadvantages of wind energy utilization

1) The wind speed is unstable and the energy generated is unstable;

2) The use of wind energy is limited by geographical location;

3) Low conversion efficiency of wind energy;

4) Wind energy is a new type of energy, and the corresponding equipment used is not very mature.

5) It is suitable for wind power generation where the terrain is relatively open, where there are few obstacles, or where the terrain is high.