Wind energy source

- Jun 04, 2018-

Wind is a natural phenomenon on the earth. It is caused by the radiant heat of the sun. When the sun shines on the earth's surface, the earth's surface is heated differently, creating a temperature difference that causes the convective movement of the atmosphere to form wind. Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the air. The size of wind energy depends on the wind speed and the density of air. The global wind energy is about 2.74X109MW, of which the available wind energy is 2X107MW, which is 10 times larger than the total amount of water energy that can be exploited and utilized on the earth. The kinetic energy formed by the flow of air and wind energy. Wind energy is a form of transformation of solar energy. The sun's radiation causes uneven heating of the earth's surface, causing uneven pressure distribution in the atmosphere, and the movement of air in the horizontal direction. The formation of wind is the result of air flow.

The history of mankind's use of wind energy can be traced back to the Western Europe. However, over the past few years, the development of wind energy technology has been slow and has not attracted enough attention from people. However, since the world's oil crisis in 1973, under the dual pressure of conventional energy crisis and deterioration of the global ecological environment, wind energy has re-emerged as a part of new energy. Wind energy has great potential for development as a new energy source that is pollution-free and renewable, especially in remote mountain areas with inaccessible coastal islands, sparsely populated steppe pastures, and rural areas that are far from the power grid and that are difficult to reach in the near future. Frontiers, as a reliable way to solve production and living energy, has a very important significance. Even in developed countries, wind energy is increasingly valued as a highly efficient and clean new energy source. For example, the US Department of Energy has investigated that the wind energy density in Texas and South Dakota alone is enough to supply the entire U.S. energy used