Wind energy utilization form

- Jun 04, 2018-

The form of wind energy is mainly used to convert the kinetic energy of atmospheric motion into other forms of energy. The wind is the air of horizontal movement. The movement of air is mainly caused by the different intensity of solar radiation received at various latitudes on the earth. In the equatorial and low latitude regions, the sun has a large elevation angle, long sunshine duration, strong solar radiation, and the ground and the atmosphere receive more heat and higher temperatures; in high latitudes, the solar elevation angle is small, and the sunshine duration is short, and the ground and atmosphere are accepted. The heat is small and the temperature is low. This temperature difference between high latitudes and low latitudes creates a pressure gradient between north and south China, allowing horizontal movement of air.

About 2% of solar radiant energy is converted into wind energy on the earth's surface. Wind energy is part of the natural energy source on the earth. The wind energy potential in China is estimated as follows: The total amount of wind energy theory developed (R) is 3.226 billion kilowatts across the country and can be actually developed. Utilization (R'), estimated by the total l / 10, and taking into account the actual sweep area of the wind wheel is calculated to be 0.785 times the square area of the airflow [1 meter diameter rotor area is 0.5 ² x π = 0.785 (m2)], the actual amount that can be developed is: R'=0.785R÷10=2.53 (million kilowatts).

China is a large energy importer. The use of renewable energy is a top priority. Especially in the vast rural areas where China's wind resources are abundant, the Chinese government should increase purchase subsidies for wind power equipment, including subsidies for solar panel roofs if the country's rural households Electrical energy is self-sufficient, and it can save more than 2 billion kilowatts of electricity a year. It is hoped that the state will increase its efforts in this area.