Wind power technology

- Jun 04, 2018-

1 Horizontal axis wind turbine technology. Because horizontal-axis wind turbines have the advantages of high wind energy conversion efficiency and shorter rotating shafts on large-scale wind turbines, they have become the mainstream models for wind power development in the world, and they account for over 95% of the market share. The vertical axis wind turbines developed during the same period have problems in starting, stopping, and pitching due to excessive shaft length, low wind energy conversion efficiency, and currently have a small market share and a limited number of applications, but due to its full wind direction and transmission And generators can be placed under the wind wheel (or the ground) and other advantages, in recent years, the international related research and development are also ongoing and made some progress.

2 The stand-alone capacity of wind turbines continues to increase, and the utilization efficiency continues to increase. In recent years, the stand-alone capacity of wind turbines in the world wind power market has continued to increase. The world's mainstream models have increased from 500 to 1,000 kilowatts in 2000 to 2 to 3 megawatts in 2004. Currently, the largest wind turbines in the world have single capacity. It is 5 megawatts and has started the design and development of a 10 MW class fan.

3 Offshore wind power technology has become the development direction. At present, the construction cost of land wind farms for offshore wind farms is 1.7 to 2 times, and the power generation is 1.4 times that of onshore wind farms, so its economic performance is still inferior to that of onshore wind farms. With the continuous development of technology, the cost of offshore wind power is increasing. It will continue to decrease, and its economy will gradually become prominent.

4 pitch variable speed, power regulation technology has been widely used. Due to the advantages of stable, safe and efficient load control, the variable pitch power control method has been widely adopted in large wind turbines this year.

5 Direct-drive, full power conversion technology has been rapidly developed. The gearless box direct method can effectively reduce the unit failure caused by the gear box problem, can effectively improve the system's operational reliability and longevity, reduce maintenance costs, and thus obtained the market's favor, and the market share continues to expand.

6 new vertical axis wind turbines. It adopts a completely different design concept and adopts new structures and materials to achieve excellent performance such as a breezy start, no noise, resistance to typhoons above 12 and wind direction, and can be widely used in villas, multi-storey buildings and high-rise buildings. Streetlights and other small and medium-sized applications. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system built on it mainly has the advantages of stable power output, high economic efficiency, and small impact on the environment, and also solves the impact on the power grid during the development of solar energy.