Wind Turbine

- Aug 24, 2018-

The wind turbine includes a wind wheel and a generator; the wind wheel comprises a blade, a hub, a reinforcing member and the like; and the blade has the functions of rotating the wind to generate electricity, and the head of the generator rotates. The wind power generation is composed of a wind power generator, a tower supporting the generator set, a battery charge controller, an inverter, an unloader, a grid-connected controller, a battery pack, and the like.


When the wind turbine is generating electricity, it is necessary to ensure that the output frequency is constant. This is necessary for both wind turbine grid-connected power generation and wind-solar hybrid power generation. To ensure the constant frequency of wind power, one way is to ensure the constant speed of the generator, that is, the constant speed and constant frequency operation mode. Because the generator is driven by the wind turbine through the transmission device, this method is undoubtedly constant wind turbine. The speed, this way will affect the conversion efficiency of wind energy; the other way is that the generator speed changes with the wind speed, and the frequency of the output power is kept constant by other means, that is, the variable speed constant frequency operation.

wind turbine