Wind turbine installation site selection

- Aug 29, 2018-

The change of wind speed and wind direction has a great influence on the power generation of wind turbines. Generally, the higher the tower, the larger the wind speed, the smoother the airflow and the greater the power generation. Therefore, the location of wind turbines should be carefully considered, each installation is different, and factors such as tower height, battery pack distance, local planning requirements, and obstacles such as buildings and trees should be considered. The specific requirements for fan installation and site selection are as follows:

The minimum tower height recommended by the wind turbine is 8 meters or within 100m from the center of the installation range of 5 meters above the obstacle.

The installation of two adjacent fans should be kept at a distance of 8 to 10 times the diameter of the wind turbine; the location of the fan should avoid turbulence. The area with a larger annual average wind speed has a more stable prevailing wind direction, and the daily and seasonal variations of wind speed are small;

The vertical wind speed shear in the height range of the fan is small; choose the place with as few natural disasters as possible;

Safety is a primary concern when choosing an installation location. Therefore, even if a wind turbine is installed in a place where wind speed resources are less than ideal, the wind turbine blades must not rotate during installation.