2018 American Solar Power International Exhibition

- Aug 31, 2018-

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2018 American Solar Power International Exhibition

Sponsored by SEPA.SEIA. 2018.09.24-27

Anaheim Convention Center, California. One year one time.


Exhibition introduction:

Solar Power International was jointly organized by the American Intelligent Power Alliance (SEPA) and the American Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). It was started in San Francisco in 2003, and then in San  Diego and Anaheim every September-October. Mu, Los Angeles and other national tour exhibitions, this exhibition is a major event for theUnited Statesto promote solar energy products and promote the solar energy industry. It is also an important platform for enterprises to develop solar energy supply networks and increase their visibility.


Highlights of the exhibition:

* The exhibition is the largest solar professional exhibition fair in theUnited Statesand the world. It is also one of the most successful and influential international exhibitions in the industry and has received strong support from the government.

* In 2017, nearly 20,000 spectators and more than 700 exhibitors attended the exhibition, of which more than 18,000 spectators were professionals and 600 companies came from the solar industry. More than 100 event forums were held at the exhibition site. The elites of the industry discussed the latest development direction of the solar energy field and explored new ideas for the development of the industry.

* A large number of famous Chinese and foreign PV companies participated in this solar industry event, including Huawei, ABB, Shoals, Jingke, Yingli, Leye, LG, Hanwha, and Shoals.


Exhibition content:

>Solar photovoltaic products: photovoltaic modules and components, photovoltaic module and component production equipment, photovoltaic equipment installation and accessories, grid-connected photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic transmission and distribution equipment; photovoltaic power supply / battery, charger, controller, inverter, Solar power system equipment, solar energy conversion equipment, silicon solar cells, fuel cells, thin film solar cells, polycrystalline silicon single crystal silicon raw materials, cell wafer machines, photovoltaic curtain wall glass, photovoltaic power generation complementary systems, testing equipment;

>Solar collector heating equipment: solar exterior wall and roof components, measurement and control systems, solar system control software;

>Solar building and engineering applications: photovoltaic power system engineering, solar heating system engineering and renewable energy products and applications, the sun

Ability to design projects, etc.;

>Other solar energy application products: solar water heaters, solar energy combined heating, and other solar thermal products.


Market information:

In mid-February 2017, California State Senate Chairman Kevin De Leon said that the state has proposed a 100% renewable energy bill by 2045, further increasing California's renewable energy development goals. California is the largest state in theUSeconomy and a major renewable energy state in theUnited States. This has partially weakened the market's concerns about the development of theUSrenewable energy industry since Trump took office.

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