A PV Industry Park Equal To Singapore's Land Area, Have You Seen It?

- Jun 04, 2019-

The sci-fi writers and his entourage came to the Xining Gonghe Photovoltaic Industrial Park in Qinghai. The park was completely built with 609 square kilometers, almost the same size asSingapore's land area!


The photovoltaic power generation here and the hydropower generation of Longyangxia form a water-photo-complementary, which fills the domestic technical gap, and this large-scale is also the world's first one.


More importantly - here, protecting the production and changing the ecology, targeting the local soil, water quality, vegetation, planting snowy chrysanthemum, perilla, stalk and other high-altitude ecological crops, breeding small tail cold Sheep, makes a country of Singapore size from the desert to a quality farm!


No one asked them to do this, but they said that this is the responsibility of the central enterprises.

large scale PV power station

desert solar power plant

solar power energy station

pv power plant

large scale solar power station for farm use

desert large scale solar energy plant for powering

photovoltaic power generation system