‘Bathing In The Sun’ Can Make Money, Poor Villages Sell Electricity For 650,000 RMB For Two Years

- Jun 03, 2019-

Black and bright solar panels converts solar energy into electrical energy and sends it to the grid. It also brings the benefits to 270 poor families in Xingshan Village, Yanshou County. ‘I didn't expect that the sun can help us make money’ recently, Sun Dehuan, a villager from Xingshan Village, Yanshou County, Harbin, received a dividend for the photovoltaic power generation project.


Xingshan Village is located in the east of Yanshou County in Harbin  City. It is the first photovoltaic poverty alleviation pilot village in Yanshou County. At the beginning of 2017, the village built a 400 kW distributed photovoltaic power station with grid-connected power generation. In the past two years, the power station has generated more than 740,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and earned 650,000 RMB. ‘There are 270 poor households in our village, most of them are old and weak, and have no ability to work. Through the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, the village collective has a new source of income.” Liu Zhongmin, the village party secretary said.

solar power plant

solar panel station