China PV, Proud Of You!

- Dec 24, 2018-

Recently, a large-scale exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was opened at the National Museum in Beijing. The party and state leaders also visited the exhibition after the launch.

The exhibition is divided into six themes, a total of 27 units, 1865 meters of exhibition lines, more than 1600 photos, more than 30 abstracts, more than 160 charts, more than 70 large models, 15 large sand tables, and key objects 700 pieces, nearly 80 design interaction projects, all kinds of exhibition elements total more than 10,000 items.

 1 solar power station

Among them, it was pleasantly surprised to see the figure of photovoltaics, and China has applied photovoltaics in all aspects of development.

 2  Satellite use solar panels

Photovoltaic on the satellite

 3 communication base station use solar power

Communication base station uses photovoltaic

 4 solar yacht

Scientific research uses photovoltaic


From 1978 to 2018, 40 years of reform and opening up, photovoltaics have quietly emerged and gradually become an indispensable part of the country.



Photovoltaic on the commemorative stamp


Green mountains and green water are inseparable from photovoltaic


In the 40 years of reform and opening up,China’s economy has developed rapidly while not forgetting the protection and rectification of the environment.


China's photovoltaic power generation from zero to the total, each use of photovoltaic 1 degree (kWh) electricity, correspondingly saved 0.328 kilograms of standard coal, while reducing pollution emissions 0.272 kilograms of carbon dust, 0.997 kilograms of carbon dioxide, 0.03 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, 0.015 kilograms of nitrogen Oxide.


8 desert solar panels plants

The desert, because the installation of photovoltaic power stations it has become an oasis.


Get rid of poverty and get rich, photovoltaic is also reliable

 9 solar system

In 2016, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office listed photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects as one of the top ten projects for precision poverty alleviation. Photovoltaic brings you not only electricity, but also the road to prosperity.

 10 solar agriculture

Photovoltaic + agricultural greenhouses, creating new wealth

 10 PV plant

Photovoltaic + livestock, energy saving and energy saving

 11 solar Animal husbandry

Photovoltaic + fish production, increase production and increase income


Technology leads the world, photovoltaics become proud


In the five years from 2012 to 2017,China's PV module prices fell by more than 53%, and inverter prices fell by 67%. With high quality and low price, 70%-90% of global wafers, cells and components are fromChina, and more than 50% of inverters are fromChina.Chinais already internationally competitive.

 13 solar world

InChina, since 2013, photovoltaic power generation has added more than 10 million kilowatts of installed capacity for three consecutive years; by the end of 2015, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation has reached approximately 43 million kilowatts, surpassingGermanyto become the world's number one.


According to statistics released by the National Energy Administration, by the end of 2017,China's renewable energy power generation capacity reached 650GW, photovoltaic power generation installed capacity of 130GW, photovoltaic power generation new installed capacity and cumulative installed capacity are ranked first in the world.


Going abroad, photovoltaic is a diplomatic artifact


G20 recently opened in Argentina, Argentina's first large-scale photovoltaic power generation project, and the largest photovoltaic power station in South America - Gaocharui 300MW intelligent photovoltaic power station, is a project signed by China and Argentina, the project to create a new Hujui province History, to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity, reduce carbon emissions by about 598,000 tons / year. “There can be about 1,500 jobs created during the entire project construction process, which is probably the sum of the number of villages in more than a dozen local villages,” said Anji engineer Gonny.

 14 desert solar power plant

With the development ofChina's Belt and Road,China's photovoltaic enterprises are mainly active along the Belt and Road:Vietnam,Indonesia,Pakistan,Malaysia,India,Maldives,United Arab Emirates,Saudi  Arabia,Turkey,Kazakhstan,Ukraine,Russia,Egypt, Israel etc 14 countries.


Among them, investment, joint venture construction, mergers and acquisitions, and product output are most frequent inIndia,Malaysia,Vietnam,Pakistan,Kazakhstan, and the UAE.


This is our photovoltaic.


Whether you know it or not, it has stood at the top of the world.


Whether you can't see it, it will continue to contribute to the development of our country.


China PV, proud of you.