HK Village House Roof Terrace Solar Panel Selling Electricity 1 Year, Return More Than 20%

- Oct 19, 2018-

Two electric renewable energy feed-in tariff plans, CLP (002) officially started on the 1st of this month, repurchasing private solar power generation at a price of 3 to 5 RMB per kWh, 700 village house roof installation fee of about 200,000 RMB, power generation 10 Kilowatts, with an annual return of 5 RMB, an annual return of more than 40,000 RMB, a return rate of more than 20%, much higher than the general investment, the repurchase price guaranteed to 2033. There are solar installers who refer to a large number of inquirers. Some village residents are installed early and take the opportunity to subsidize the CLP.


Hong Kong is suitable for the installation of solar energy, with the majority of the village roofs. Moon, who has lived in Dawo Village, Pat Heung, Yuen Long for nearly 6 years, recently laid a solar-powered generating unit for 500 baht in the roof of about 900 village houses. One week after the strong typhoon "Hawthorn" hit the port, the equipment was not damaged, 25 pieces. The power of monocrystalline silicon solar panels is 9.125 kW. Since it is less than 10 kW, CLP repurchased at a price of 5 RMB per kWh, which is an annual return of nearly 45,000 RMB, and the total investment is close to 200,000 RMB (including labor). , materials, return to maintenance and monitoring during the period, the expected rate of return is over 20%. In addition, the location of the "hut" on the rooftop must be equipped with an instrument such as a meter.


Moon means that after installing solar energy, the 3rd floor of the village house has insulation effect.


Eddie installed the "off-grid" solar power system as early as 2008.


Moon mentioned that the electricity price plan launched by CLP is one of the reasons for attracting her to install solar panels. "I have other investments with my husband, and the return is OK." Although I lost space for the rooftop activities, I considered less After using and installing solar panels, there is still room for benches for "drinking" at night, and finally go to the horse. She described the current building on the third floor of the village house with insulation.


In 2008, Eddie villager Eddie spent more than 100,000 RMB on the roof of the village house to install the "off-grid" solar power system. The 700-foot roof used a one-third space installation, generating 3 kilowatts of power, about 90 degrees per month. If connected to "online", CLP will repurchase electricity at a price of 5 RMB per kWh, which will bring him an additional $450 a month.


Eddie said that usually every 1,000 kWh system can produce about 1,000 kWh per year, which is 5,000 RMB per year. However, it was originally experimental, so the combination of solar panels and film was used. Exhaustion of the entire rooftop area, so that the overall production capacity has not yet reached the limit. The launch of the "on-grid tariff" and the aging of the equipment have led him to consider "on the Internet" and redesign the system. The power generation capacity can be increased to 5 kilowatts, covering an area of about 350, with an estimated cost ranging from $12 to $130,000. It is expected to earn 25,000 RMB in electricity sales every year, and it can be returned within six years.


He also said that if experts are asked to design a solar energy system on the roof of a village house, they will use up all the area (about 700 baht), the power generation capacity will reach 10 kilowatts, and the cost will be about 200,000 RMB. In theory, electricity can be sold to the power company every year. Recovered about 50,000 RMB. "If you get sick and hurt, you may return to this in five years."



No maintenance required in the past ten years



Many people are worried that the installation system must be repaired from time to time, adding extra costs and delaying the return to the current period. According to Eddie, based on the experience of the past ten years, basically zero maintenance, "If the installation is well managed, maintenance and repair should be done; plus Hong Kong rains from time to time, it is self-cleaning in disguise." The solar installation was hit by foreign objects. "In fact, the eucalyptus is a hurricane. If it is hit, it may rot a few boards or even become a system."


At present, after installing the solar power generation system, the user needs to inform the two electric homes to install the on-grid electricity price meter to connect to the power grid. The electricity meter will record the amount of power generated by the system. The electricity bill will also show the amount of electricity generated and the amount available.