Hong Kong KMB Will Launch Second Generation Solar Double-decker Bus Next Year

- Nov 01, 2018-

In the development of science and technology and people's awareness of environmental awareness, in many fields, such as transportation, daily use, etc., environmental protection types are applied. More and more people pay attention to protecting us. The global environment in which we live depends on the use of environmentally friendly types to reduce the emissions and use of daily waste.


Hong Kong KMB



In Hong Kong, environmental protection work is very good. In the field of public transport, Hong Kong has long used energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles. The people of Hong Kong are also very keen on these convenient and environmentally friendly public transport. It is reported that Hong Kong KMB has officially announced that it has successfully developed a second-generation solar power generation double-decker bus, which is installed on the roof of the bus. The solar panel performance can be greatly improved, and the solar energy collected. It can be increased to 54%. After converting these solar energy into electric energy, it can drive the exhaust in the bus and the movement of the power supply system to help the temperature in the cabin to drop by eight to ten degrees Celsius. Compared with the first generation of environmentally friendly buses, it can save 3% of fuel consumption. They expect that these cars will be put into service in the second half of next year, and they are also applying for patents.


According to the news, Hong Kong KMB said that compared with the first generation of solar-powered buses that have been put into service now, the second-generation device can nearly double the speed of the cabin temperature adjustment, and the temperature inside the compartment can be Adjust to the level of comfort. The senior engineer of the engineering department of KMB in Hong  Kong also said that the number of solar panels on the roof of the second generation of solar buses will increase from 20 to 28, which will greatly increase their efficiency.


At the same time, the senior engineer of the KMB Engineering Department pointed out that when the double-decker bus equipped with solar installations is turned off, the solar energy will be supplied to two exhaust fans with special pipes, which will increase the air volume by 2.5 times and promote the air-conditioning fan inside. Operation increases the air circulation in the cabin, pump away the hot air in the cabin, and reduce the cabin temperature to 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. When the bus's engine is running, the solar energy will directly supply the air-cooling fan of the air-conditioning system and the engine room, which is expected to reduce fuel consumption by about 3%.