InterSolar Europe 2018

- Jun 14, 2018-

2018 Munich International Solar Technology Expo

inter solar.pngIntersolar Europe2018

Exhibition time: June 20th - June 22nd, 2018 (one year)

Organizer: Intersolar Group

Venue: New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich,Germany


Exhibition introduction:

Intersolar is the world's largest and most influential solar professional trade fair so far, bringing together internationally renowned companies. Intersolar has a 25-year history of international exhibitions and conferences, with exhibitions and conferences in the world's most influential markets. Currently there are intersolar Europe exhibition, intersolarUSAexhibition, intersolarIndiaexhibition, intersolar South America exhibition, intersolar Middle East exhibition, intersolarChinaexhibition. Intersolar is the most important display platform for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and service providers. 90% of the exhibitors believe that the quality of the visitors of this exhibition is much higher than that of other similar exhibitions. It is the solar exhibition with the best performance, the most professional audience and the most complete industrial chain in the world. It is the first choice for exhibitors and visitors. Almost all of the top exhibitors in the world participated in the exhibition. As the solar industry fell into a trough, the show was also affected, but compared to other similar exhibitions, the exhibition has further established its leading position. Intersolar's exhibition area is more than 8 times that of similar exhibitions in Europe. Intersolar Europe Europe has become a gathering platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, project developers, investors and installation companies in the international solar field.


Range of exhibition:

Products: Solar water supply systems; solar thermal heating equipment; solar building applications; solar modules, cells, inverters, accessories, energy storage systems, energy storage batteries, energy storage battery manufacturing equipment, etc.; other solar energy applications; PV manufacturing Equipment, silicon raw materials, smart grid, grid-connected off-grid technology, charging equipment, energy storage facilities, transmission equipment.