Photovoltaic Power Generation Will Lead The Industry In 2019

- Jan 10, 2019-

After the "531" New Deal, the photovoltaic industry has turned sharply. Under such a harsh market environment, it is undoubtedly the most sensible choice for component companies to re-inject the technology route and promote technological innovation to maintain technological leadership. The photovoltaic module technology has gradually entered the “high efficiency era”, and the efficiency of power generation conversion has entered an accelerated period. The reduction of system cost and component quality improvement and efficiency reduction have become the two main themes of the industry development.


Efficient era component technology is constantly upgrading


As the core equipment of photovoltaic power generation system, the component cost accounts for about 45% of the total cost of the system, and its importance is self-evident. With the decline of subsidies, technological advancement and the advancement of the “Leader” program,China's photovoltaic industry has begun to enter the era of high-efficiency product competition. The more efficient and economical, the unchanging rule.


The industry's multiple baptisms prove that quality improvement and efficiency in the component field is the core of enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, PV companies actively promote technology research and development and large-scale manufacturing of high-efficiency components, and technologies such as double-sided, double-glass, half-chip, and MBB are gradually entering the line of sight. Taking double-sided as an example, the double-sided component is a new type of component that can be powered by light on both sides, and a double-sided component can be prepared for different batteries such as P-type PERC, N-type PERT, IBC, HJT, and the like. Among the third batch of front-runners, the technology leader has three bases and six tenders, and the double-sided technology occupies four tenders.

 PERC solar panels


The large-scale application of double-sided PERC shows its strong vitality and beautiful market prospects, such as a shot of intensive agent injected into the photovoltaic market to promote industrial upgrading. In the future, the desire to develop efficient component technology to continuously promote quality and efficiency will not change, and products will be upgraded at high frequency.


Affordable Internet double-sided PERC continues to lead 2018 is destined to be a year of profound changes in the photovoltaic industry. The indicators are reduced, subsidies are lowered, and the photovoltaic market is ups and downs, but the goal of increasing power generation is consistent. For every 1% (absolute) increase in PV module conversion efficiency, the power generation of a single module will increase by approximately 5%. Therefore, it is crucial to improve the efficiency of components. Efficient technology to drive down the cost of electricity is also an important measure to achieve parity online. The power generation efficiency of double-sided PERC components is a topic that has been talked about in the industry. In recent years, companies have been trying to break through the limits of efficiency. As of August this year, the double-sided PERC battery record holder: the front efficiency is 23.11%, the back efficiency is 18.09%, and the double-sided rate is 82.09%. This efficiency was tested by Fraunhofer ISE Lab and selected as "2018 Solar CellChina's Highest Efficiency". What is more noteworthy is that the mass production efficiency of double-sided PERC battery will increase by 0.1%~0.2% every six months. In the future, it will continue to break the world record and break through its limits.


In different projects in different regions, the power generation gain of the double-sided PERC components is different. In the double-sided system design, the surface reflectance, installation height, latitude, component size, bracket, and inverter selection have strong correlations. The solution is given after the global system demonstration. In fact, more and more actual power station operation data also confirm this. According to the empirical power station data, the double-sided power generation gain is related to the slope radiation intensity, and the two are negative. Correlation, the lower the irradiance value, the higher the proportion of scattered light, and the more obvious the power generation gain.


Component Light Attenuation (LID) has been the focus of the industry, and the two years of heat-assisted photoinduced attenuation (LETID) has gradually increased. Through the quality of silicon wafer, battery technology and process control, the single crystal PERCLID and LETID can be attenuated by much less than 2%. At the same time, the low operating temperature, low temperature coefficient and good low-irradiation performance of the double-sided component can make it The gain is kept at a high level. Right now, winter is coming, the north is about to usher in snowy days. Due to the high reflection performance of the snow, the power generation gain of the double-sided PERC components in snow days will be significantly improved. At the same time, the back side of the double-sided components will receive light, which can greatly reduce the snow melting time and reduce snow accumulation power loss and reliability risks. According to Dr. Lu Jun, the power generation gain of the double-sided components during the snowing period is 62%~188%, the gain of the snowmelt process is most prominently 272%~603%, and the snowing stage is 14%~34%. Improve quality and efficiency and promote affordable Internet access. The photovoltaic industry's great concerns and hopes are placed on the development and upgrade of new high-efficiency components. The double-sided PERC with lower power cost and higher power generation efficiency will become the leading industry wind vane.