Photovoltaic (pv) With Slopes, The Village More Prosperous

- Feb 25, 2019-

'This year the village plans to focus on rural clean and environmental sanitation, field road construction, and rural tourism infrastructure construction." Recently, the "two committees" of Guojiatun Village, Zhangzhuang Town, Pingding County met several times to discuss this year's village. The focus of work. "These three things require a lot of money. If in the past few years, our village would not even think about it." Jia Shiqing, the person in charge of the party branch of Guojiatun  Village, said, "The source of the collective economy in the village in recent years has mainly depended on the mountains photovoltaic power generation project.’

 phtovoltaic village

Drive from Zhangzhuang Village to Guojiatun Village. The barren hills on both sides of the road are full of photovoltaic solar panels. The 2,500-mu steep slope has become the “ocean” of PV solar. I saw the solar photovoltaic panels in the mountains and plains, greet the sun, absorb the sun and silently convert it into electricity. While transporting energy, it also brings a lot of benefits to nearby villages.


Jia Shiqing said that the local lack of water, some people used to plant trees in the mountains, but the survival rate is not high. Over time, there are only shrubs and weeds in the nearby mountains. In 2016, in order to strengthen the collective economy and ensure the coordinated development of the villagers' various undertakings, the “two committees” of Guojiatun Village  Village took the lead in leasing the village's 510-mu barren mountain resources to the Three Gorges New Energy Company to develop photovoltaic power generation 460,000 RMB. In addition, during the construction of the photovoltaic project, the village also organized villagers to go to the construction site to work, and lease the idle houses of the old Gubeilian  University compound to the construction workers to increase the village collective income.

 solar PV mountain

The photovoltaic power generation base belongs to the Yangquan National Photovoltaic Runner Project. The project is responsible for the Three Gorges New Energy Pingding Power Generation Co., Ltd., which now covers Zhangjia Town Guojiatun Village, Guojiashan Village, Shenque Village, Shijiashan Village, Jingzhiyu Village and Zhaojia. There are 8 villages in Zhuangcun, Taoyepo Village and Jinyu Village, with a total area of 2,500 areas, an installed capacity of 67 MW and a power generation capacity of 84 million kWh per year.


'There are no resources and industries in the village. The main income of the villagers depends on the land. Many villagers go out to work and live in the village. Most of the residents in the village are elderly people,' said Wu Huairong, a villager. Since the introduction of photovoltaic power generation projects, Guojiatun  Village has not only paid off its previous foreign debts, but also achieved a collective economic zero.


The village collective has money, and the "two committees" of the village branch have pondered the long-term development of the village. In 2017, the village has successively carried out maintenance stages, environmental sanitation, tree planting, building the iconic archway in the village, the establishment of county-level civilized villages, and the operation of the old day care center. The pieces are actually in the hearts of the villagers. Rongcun appearance and the spirit of the villagers have made a qualitative leap and were rated as a civilized village in Pingding  County. Last year, Guojiatun Village implemented infrastructure construction such as road hardening, street lighting, and residential beautification to create a beautiful, comfortable, convenient, safe and healthy living environment for the villagers. At the same time, the village also used traditional temple fairs and radio stations to widely publicize the construction of civilized villages, and organized villagers to actively participate in the creation of beautiful courtyards.


This year, the village plans to develop photovoltaic tourism and red tourism, use solar “ocean” to attract citizens to visit and play; build a 7-kilometer machine road, introduce agricultural mechanized production; further increase rural clean and environmental sanitation work, and build beautiful villages.