Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Station - Everyday Has A Profit!

- Nov 30, 2018-

We have found that more and more photovoltaic power plants are growing around us. Not only the centralized photovoltaic power plants built by power companies, enterprises, cities, rural areas, factories have also joined the wave of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power plants can be seen everywhere! Even neighbors are equipped with photovoltaics, are you still waiting?


City: not only photovoltaic but also with environmental protection

People in the city have stable and high incomes, and there are usually extra funds in their hands to make some investment and wealth management products.

They generally have higher requirements for the quality of life, higher awareness and acceptance of new things, and they become the first practitioners of green lifestyles as consumption upgrades and environmental protection concepts improve, such as Shared bicycles, paperless office, cashless consumption, etc. all start from the city.

Then, when talking to a city person about solar PV, they can accept it quickly, but it is normal, because photovoltaic is a clean energy, in line with the concept of green life, so many households with real estate will agree to install photovoltaic power plants.


However, due to space constraints, it can only be installed on the roof of the property. To install more than 50% of the owners agree, it will be difficult to implement. The real thing that can be installed is not the revenue of the power station. How good, but they agree with this environmentally friendly lifestyle.



Country: Is this photovoltaic? I am wearing a cornucopia!


There are not many other people in the township, and many of them are available space. What is the problem with installing a photovoltaic power station! "What? You said that the photovoltaic power station can make money? Then come over and help me install it!" "Okay, are you installing a roof or an empty slab or a wasteland?" "First install the roof. If it is good, then install it elsewhere." , come now! ”

Don't be surprised, we are so direct in the country, of course, photovoltaic is not a pit, it can really make money.

Every time you send a meter, you save a meter of electricity, and you can also get a subsidy of 0.42 yuan. If there is local subsidy, the income will be even more impressive. If the electricity is not used, it can be sold to the country at the price of desulfurized coal and electricity, and another income. In this way, it can be returned to the book in more than three years, and after ten years, it is pure income, and during the period, nothing is spent, and earning! So why not install a photovoltaic power plant? That is a cornucopia~



In the mountains: multiple boards for multiple incomes


The mountain people did not have much opportunity to contact the outside world. The first time they heard about the PV power station, the village committee might tell them about PV poverty alleviation. They didn’t understand what PV was at first, but they knew that PV could give them Bring benefits and get rid of poverty.

The photovoltaic poverty alleviation team is cooperating with the government and enterprises to build a more concentrated distributed photovoltaic power station in poverty-stricken areas. One can make full use of the resources around them, and secondly, it can combine local characteristics to create wealth and get rid of poverty.

At the beginning, the cost of photovoltaic power plants generally does not need to be paid by ordinary people, and the proceeds obtained are returned to ordinary people through dividends to increase their income. Enterprises will also create new "photovoltaic +" industries in combination with local production conditions, such as photovoltaic greenhouses, photovoltaic fish ponds, etc., so that the people can completely get rid of poverty. So there are more than one board with more revenues.



Rural people in the city: the house price is so crazy high, the old age has to go home to install photovoltaic


Working in large cities is mostly a foreign population. It is not easy to fight hard. House prices are higher every year, and the pressure to buy a house is getting bigger and bigger. You may not be able to sell a suite for more than ten years. So many people think about returning home to build a house. The photovoltaic power station just fits this long-term plan.

I have a little money on my hand, and my home has built a house. Why not install PV in my hometown? I don’t have to worry about electricity bills at home, I can remotely monitor through APP; secondly, I can still have stable income. 25 years of income, only need more than 3 years to return, just after retirement, more pensions~



Factory people: the sun visor is warm~


For the installation of photovoltaic power plants in the workshop, workers will have a cooler feeling. According to the survey, the temperature of the workshop can be increased by 3-5 degrees in winter. Due to the installation of photovoltaic modules on the factory floor, it also played a role in heat insulation and cooling, which improved the working environment of workers. Cool in winter and cool in summer, one year down, only a rough estimate of air-conditioning electricity costs can save more than 2 million yuan, plus the benefits of power generation and sales, it is even more impressive.

Well, the true value of this PV power plant installed~


Neighbor Lao Wang: I am a green entrepreneur



There is a Lao Wang not only installed photovoltaic power plants in their own factories, but also installed in their own homes, so everywhere to promote themselves as green entrepreneurs.

On the one hand, the cost savings of enterprises, on the other hand, the reputation of “green factories” has spread and established a good brand image and enhanced competitiveness. The roof of the world-famous Apple office building is equipped with a photovoltaic power station that is sufficient to meet its own power needs. It is an outstanding representative of green enterprises.

So don't keep up with the pace of the times, the next king will come knocking on the door...


Still others will ask: What is PV? Is it bright?

Have to say that photovoltaic power station is a good thing, you deserve it!


But the more irritating fact is that there are still many people who don't know what PV is... so I heard someone ask, “Is PV good? Is it bright?” It is not surprising.

I don't think it is understandable. The country is so strong, and there are still many people who are skeptical. We must know thatChina's photovoltaic industry is the first in the world!