Shanghai Solar Photovoltaic Power Bus Station Is Put Into Use

- Mar 09, 2019-

The earlier solar photovoltaic power bus station in Shanghai was put into use in the parking lot of Shanggao Bus on the Shangnan Bus in Pudong. The project's annual power generation is expected to reach 200,000 kWh. It also solves the all-day electricity consumption in the office area while charging the new energy bus. One year's energy savings can be used to drive a battery-capacitor new energy bus for 150,000 kilometers.


Photovoltaic power generation uses solar panels to convert solar energy directly into electricity. Solar power generation systems are generally divided into independent PV power system, grid-connected solar system and distributed photovoltaic power generation.

 photovoltaic solar power supply for bus station

The solar photovoltaic power supply construction project of Shangnan Bus adopts distributed photovoltaic power generation, that is, it is installed and installed at or near the user's site, and the power generation can be used nearby. The operation mode is mainly for users to use for themselves, the excess power is connected to the grid.


The Gaoke West Road Parking Lot is a bus station that uses solar photovoltaic power generation earlier in the city. After using solar energy power, it can save 60 tons of standard coal in the whole year, which can reduce emissions of various air pollution, including reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 200 tons and sulfur dioxide by 6 tons. At present, the parking lot has been put into use, and it is connected to the national grid for trial operation. The average daily power generation is nearly 600 degrees, and the annual power generation can reach 200,000 degrees. It can provide all-day electricity for the office building area. At the same time, the Shangnan Bus pilot applied the energy to the on-site dual-electric vehicle charging operation to realize the green recycling energy station concept.