Six Creative Solar Boats

- Nov 12, 2018-

Most ships, except large military aircraft carriers, are driven by fossil fuels, and the result is pollution. However, this situation is changing, and in the future we may rely on solar energy to travel the sea. Now let us enjoy the six creative solar boats together.


Planet Solar's Turano

The Turano is the world record holder. It successfully completed an 18-month round-the-world voyage in 2012, and the ship also successfully crowned the world's largest solar boat. The $26 million twin-body solar captain is 101 feet (30.7 meters) wide and 49 feet wide (15 meters wide) for up to 50 passengers. The 537-square-meter solar panels covered by the ship were driven by it.


SeaOrbiter Marine Research Ship

SeaOrbiter's cool styling was created by a French architect, a large part of which is underwater, so that it can meet the long-term research and observation requirements of the ocean. The ship's underwater structure is very subtle, and it even leaves a platform for the divers to rest. However, although it has raised $388,000 in two years, the ship is still in the state of design.


SolarVoyager that can drive automatically

While most solar-powered boats are big guys, there are exceptions. SolarVoyager is one of them. This low-profile boat has an entire solar roof. Right now, the ship is busy on the Atlantic. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the ship does not need to be equipped with crew when sailing, and the remote control personnel can also upgrade it in real time via satellite.


Ultra-luxury solar yacht built by DuffyLondon

This concept ship, which once only stayed on the design, has begun to be built at the dock. With a cost of up to $33 million, Solaris uses a variety of renewable energy sources to drive navigation, achieving zero pollution. The 144-foot-long hull carries a huge solar roof. At the same time, wind turbines are installed on the ship, and the cabin under the deck can accommodate 10 tourists. It is reported that the ship will be officially completed in 2020.


SoelCat12 yacht

Although not as luxurious as Solaris, this yacht is also conceptual. Designed by a Dutch designer, the SoelCat12 is 39 feet (12 meters) and is made of lightweight, flexible material. The ship is equipped with 809 solar panels. In normal navigation mode, it can travel quietly and quietly on the sea. If you want to drive hard, you can open two powerful motors on board.


Helios Solar "Sailboat"

Helios is also a concept product. The inside of the luxury yacht is wrapped in a strange sailing style, but the ordinary sails are replaced with solar panels here. It is reported that the ship's "sail" will be built from 2,500 solar panels, which can produce 355kWh of clean energy. In addition, this large yacht is really long enough to reach 180.5 feet (about 55 meters), and its configuration on board is also extremely luxurious, and the designer even installed a cinema for it.