Solar Water Heater Bracket Is The Supporting Element Of Solar Water Tank

- Jun 04, 2018-

The solar water heater bracket is the supporting element of the solar water tank, and is an important part of the solar water heater, and plays an important role in the promotion process of the solar water heater. Today, solar power stands are becoming an independent small-scale industry. More and more enterprises are producing solar power brackets, making the stand independent from the division of labor in the solar water heater industry. In the process of popularization of solar water heaters, solar power stands have played an important role and become one of the important parameters for people to purchase solar water heaters. The design of brackets for domestic solar water heaters should be reasonable and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure adequate load-bearing capacity. In areas where daily winds are large, especially in coastal areas, when purchasing solar water heaters for home use, we must also pay attention to whether or not the product is designed to have wind resistance. The solar water heaters with better quality generally use aluminum alloy brackets, which are thick and firm.