The First Photovoltaic Public Toilet, It Will Sing And High Value When Generating Electricity

- Dec 26, 2018-

Solar panels are installed on the roof. In addition to protecting the daily use of public toilets, mobile phone charging services can be provided free of charge to the public. On December 24th, the first photovoltaic power generation public toilet in the extension section of Xiguan Street in Chengxi District of Xining City was officially put into use. In addition to using solar energy to achieve electricity for public toilets, public toilets also have humanized internal facilities such as a third bathroom.

solar roof toilet

"High-value" public toilets appear on the streets

A classical building is particularly eye-catching near the South Campus of the former Normal  University in the extension of the Xiguan Street in the provincial capital. Closer look, it turned out to be a new public toilet, the simple and bright metal material on the outer wall, covered with lush green plants and small flowers, painted a natural landscape painting on the wall, making the public toilet and surrounding park green space It is a blend of nature and a natural atmosphere.

“If there were a few big words in the 'public bathroom', I thought it was a well-designed art gallery,” said Mr. Ma, who lives nearby.

 solar rooftop

Photovoltaic power generation, self-sufficiency in electricity use

In addition to its beautiful appearance, this public toilet is the first photovoltaic power generation public toilet in Xining City and Qinghai Province. The top of the public toilet building is equipped with solar power panels, which have the functions of power generation, shading, rain protection and cooling. According to estimates, the annual power generation of the equipment is about 4,500 to 4,800 kWh, which can save about 4,000 yuan per year, and the designed service life can reach more than 20 years.

 solar easy for life

The third bathroom is convenient for special people

It is noteworthy that this public toilet has a special third toilet for the mother and baby, the disabled and other people.

The third bathroom has an indoor area of about 9 square meters and is fully equipped with a large and small "mother and child" toilet, "mother and child" wash basin, urinal, baby care station, child safety seat, safety grab bar and emergency pager. Basically, it can meet the various needs of different groups of people.

"In the next step, we will also consider upgrading and upgrading public toilets in areas where people are more concentrated, and adding a third bathroom to facilitate the needs of special people in the toilet." The person in charge said.

solar installation on the toilet roof 

The citizens are easily "convenient" in the sound of music


"Is this a public toilet? There is no smell at all. Entering this public toilet makes me suspect that I have entered the wrong place. Green plants, wall decorations, music... I feel full of warmth!" said Ms. Li. In addition to the high value, the micro-computer controlled deodorization system in the public toilet and a series of facilities incorporating technical elements make the toilet environment more comfortable and comfortable.


According to the sanitation personnel, the multi-function mirror of the public toilet is equipped with an electronic display. The value of PM2.5 and the temperature and humidity in the toilet are on the top. The top has the perpetual calendar of the Gregorian calendar, and the lower side shows the amount of water and electricity used on the day. In addition, the public toilet also downloaded some elegant, warm light music, played in the toilet.


The appearance is beautiful, the internal facilities of the public toilet are complete, and there are six small pieces of convenient people, including toilet paper, hand soap, hooks, dryers, handrails, and mirrors. The cleaning staff said that daily cleaning should ensure that the public toilets reach "eight nos": no paper, no smoke, no traces, no ash, no odor, no fly, no spider web, no dirt. In addition, the inspectors conducted a comprehensive inspection of the cleaning situation every day and found that the problem was dealt with in a timely manner.


This year, Xining  City paid attention to the public toilet construction appearance, the modern garden landscape of the park and the cultural heritage of the urban area in the construction process of public toilets. It created a fine public toilet, which can better serve the surrounding residents and tourists and effectively solve the problem of public toilets thereby improving the quality of the urban environment.