The Most Beautiful PV Resort Hotel Has A Minimum Consumption Of $4000/night

- Jan 02, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, Yuji Yamazaki Architecture (hereinafter referred to as YYA), a construction company from New York, designed KudadorMaldivesPrivate Island, which has opened in Laviani   Atoll,Maldives. Thanks to a strong focus on sustainability, this unique resort is known for its photovoltaic roofs.

 1 solar hotel

When building this island resort, YYA hopes to integrate solar panels to demonstrate the viability of sustainable travel. The company says that solar panels may not have other functions in theMaldivesin the traditional sense, and they are usually hidden, but on the Kudado   Private Island, the photovoltaic roof is obvious and a sign there. “The solar concept should be informative and persuasive because it is profitable in itself. Visitors can roughly estimate the size of the solar panel and then understand its relationship to the size of the resort it serves.”

 2 solar roof hotel

It is understood that the Kudoda 320kWp solar system can supply electricity to a full three hectares of islands without the need for additional energy supply. In addition, the initial cost of installing the entire solar system can be recovered in five years.

 3 solar power hotel

In addition to the solar energy system, the resort also uses sustainable wood materials certified byCanada,New Zealand,Indonesiaand other countries. In addition, the island's buildings also use passive housing design elements, such as natural light and a lot of natural airflow during the day, and more than 50% of the private area can get at least five hours of shading time per day.

 4 solar energy for hotel electricity

The hotel offers one and two guest rooms, each with an open layout with king size bed, large lounge, open bathroom, handmade furniture, Tasmanian Oak flooring, eco-cooling system, unobstructed sea view and more.

 5 solar power for island

In addition, this resort also features a large swimming pool, outdoor terrace, restaurant, bar and wine cellar. Guests can enjoy a private meal at their accommodation or visit a local culinary resort such as the nearby 5.8 Undersea Restaurant. Local activities include diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and other water sports.

 6 island use solar for power

As you might think, the price of accommodation in such a resort hotel will certainly not be cheap. It is reported that the room for two people has a minimum price of 4,000 US dollars per night (about RMB 27,000) - excluding tax And tips. Maybe you can't afford it, let's follow the video below to experience it:

7 solar island travel

8 photovoltaic power for island hotel

9 PV station for island hotel electricity



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