The Solar Show 2019

- Jan 15, 2019-

The Solar Show 2019

Exhibition time: March 26, 2019 - March 27, 2019

Address: Africa -South Africa- Johannesburg Sandton Convention Center

Sandton Convention Centre

Venue: Maude Street Sandown 2196South Africa

Organizer: Terrapinn Holdings Ltd

Industry: Energy / Chemical / Environmental / Rubber


Exhibition introduction

The International Solar Energy Exhibition inSouth  Africais the largest international energy exhibition inSouth Africaand Africa. It is held once a year. The show is hosted by Terrapinn, an international media company that specializes in B2B, with a wide range of services including professional exhibitions, conferences, magazines and websites, and has offices in several countries mechanism. The first energy exhibition was held in 1998 and has been successfully held for 20 sessions. With the increasing scale and influence, the South African International Solar Show has become an excellent platform to enter the South African market and develop business relationships with local companies. The exhibition always brings together well-known companies and professionals in the principle of serving others, exploring new business prospects, increasing market share, and truly entering the local market with rich vitality.


In 2018, the number of exhibitors at the International Solar Energy Exhibition inSouth Africawill reach 21,000, and more than 800 important figures and conference delegations will be attended. More than 300 industry professionals will deliver speeches and bring innovative ideas for photovoltaic energy. More than 40 African countries will participate in the exchanges with companies and exhibitors from other countries to discuss the expansion of the solar market. The types of exhibitors are more abundant than in previous years, including public affairs units, independent power generation companies, suppliers, municipalities and supervision. It is believed thatSouth Africa's international solar energy in 2018 will surely create more glory and bring new photovoltaic energy business opportunities to people from all walks of life.

In 2018, the South African International Solar Energy Exhibition had a good effect. The exhibition area exceeded 26,000 square meters. More than 600 conference delegates and 150 experts gave speeches. There are more than 350 exhibitors, mainly from theUnited States,China,India,Israel,Thailand,South Korea,Germanyand other countries. The participating groups include the chief engineer, business manager, project manager, and buyer of the company. Well-known exhibitors and sponsors including ABB, SMA, Trina Solar, JINKO, HUAWEI exhibitions, exhibitors have the opportunity to directly contact the important decision-makers of the company, thus establishing a business relationship. As the most professional solar photovoltaic exhibition inSouth   Africa, the exhibition also showed the audience the most advanced photovoltaic technology, which increased the importance of other industries for photovoltaic energy. Through the seminar, many innovative ideas splattered in the exchange. With the increasing demand for energy, the creation of energy has become more important. The latest developments in photovoltaic energy, innovative technologies, and investment opportunities will undoubtedly help exhibitors to stand out in the photovoltaic energy industry. The 2017 South Africa International Solar Expo and Seminar provide an excellent platform for exhibitors to tap potential customers. It is the demand of every participating audience to establish a new communication network through the exhibition.


Exhibition criteria

Power, power grid construction: power station equipment, power grid construction, power equipment, high voltage switch, transmission, distribution network, transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, power capacitors, high voltage cabinets, monitors, electrical engineering, power supply and accessories , wire and cable, insulation materials, measuring equipment, etc.

Power transmission and transformation equipment: power grid system, transformer, instrument transformer, power inverter, cable wire, power capacitor lightning arrester, grounding resistor, reactor, electric furnace and heating equipment, electric welder, insulator and others; power distribution equipment and control equipment , switchgear, high voltage switch, high voltage circuit breaker, low voltage circuit breaker; equipment manufacturing such as clean energy

Generator equipment: DC generators, alternators, generators, motors, power tools and other motors and generators; all types of power generation equipment, wind power equipment, solar technology and equipment, clean renewable energy, nuclear reactors, steam boilers , steam turbines and other energy generation systems nuclear energy, new energy, renewable energy: wind energy, solar photovoltaic, solar energy, thermal energy, power environmental protection, bioenergy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, marine power, fuel cells, carbon resource management, hydropower , nuclear energy and other equipment, products and technologies, other renewable energy (wind, water, bio-energy, etc.) green building technology


Market analysis

According to the statistics of the South African National Taxation Bureau, the import and export volume of South African goods was 25.57 billion U.S. dollars in January-February 2017, an increase of 19.6% over the same period of the previous year (the same below). Among them, exports were US$1.258 billion, up 24.5%; imports were US$12.99 billion, up 15.2%. The trade deficit was 420 million US dollars, down 64.7%. In February, the import and export of South African goods was US$12.9 billion, an increase of 11.8%. Among them, exports were 6.65 billion US dollars, an increase of 16%; imports were 6.26 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.6%. The trade surplus was $390 million, compared with a trade deficit of $84.84 million in the same period last year. In January-February, the import and export volume of bilateral goods betweenSouth AfricaandChinawas US$37.7, an increase of 22.3%. Among them,South Africa's exports toChinawere 1.28 billion US dollars, up 58.3%, accounting for 10.2% ofSouth Africa's total exports, up 2.2 percentage points;South Africa's imports fromChinawere 2.49 billion US dollars, up 9.5%, accounting for 19.2% ofSouth Africa's total imports.South Africa‚Äôs trade deficit withChinawas $1.2 billion, down 17.7%. As of February,ChinaisSouth Africa's largest trading partner andSouth   Africa's largest export market and the largest source of imports.