The World's First Tailing Pond Photovoltaic Power Generation ‘island’ In Chile

- Apr 01, 2019-

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On March 14, 2019, the suburb of Santiago,Chile, Chilebuilt the world's first tailings pond photovoltaic power generation 'island'. The solar 'island' is located in a local copper mine tailings pond, consisting of 256 solar panels, funded by the mining and natural resources company Anglo American. The tailings pond is part of Anglo American's Los Bronces copper project inChile. According to Bloomberg News, Anglo American said the project is expected to supply 150,000 kWh per year.


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Chilean mining minister Baldo Prokurica said that although the project's power generation is not large,Chileis the world's largest copper producer, and the project can provide a reference for Chilean copper mining how to deal with mining waste.


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On March 14, 2019, local time in the suburbs of Santiago,Chile, staff checked solar modules.


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Chile built the world's first tailings pond solar power generation plant 'island'.