The World's Highest Power Station Is Up To 1000 Meters

- Dec 10, 2018-

The world's highest power station, up to 1000 meters, using solar energy can generate electricity all year round without pollution!Australiais preparing to build a large-scale solar wind power station. The “solar tower” technology refers to the use of solar radiation to heat the air to generate electricity. Hot air rises and moves in the form of hot air, which produces electricity as it passes through the turbine. Due to the convection effect, the hot gas rises along the “big chimney” of the “solar tower” at a high speed of 35 miles per hour, driving the specially designed turbine inside the “chimney” to generate electricity.


The air temperature at the entrance to the bottom of the tower is 70 ° C, the air flow rate is 15 m / s, and the air outlet temperature at the top of the tower is 20 ° C. In the evening, the heat accumulated in the thermal energy storage unit during the day is released and continues to push the turbine to rotate. Therefore, the “Sun  Tower” can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The solar tower is usually a two-layer structure. The top of the inner tower supports the fixed mirror, the solar telescope imaging optical component is placed in the middle, and a large solar spectrograph and other ancillary instruments are arranged in the bottom of the tower or underground shaft to observe the sun in many aspects. The top of the outer tower supports the dome and the observation room floor to reduce the vibration of the instrument. The 1000-meter "Sun  Tower" has a capacity of 200 MW, enough for 200,000 households, and emits 830,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.


In addition to the construction of this solar tower, tourism will also develop in the vicinity.