This Kind Of Photovoltaic Future Is Comparable To Hollywood Blockbusters!

- Sep 17, 2018-

What does your imaginary future look like? - New energy vehicles become mainstream.

 The auto industry, which has remained unchanged for a hundred years, has ushered in a huge earthquake!

 New energy vehicles were mentioned three times in the government work report. This year's government work report not only explicitly mentions the need to accelerate the development of the new energy automobile industry, but also proposes to extend the preferential tax policy for new energy vehicle purchases for another three years, encouraging more consumers to choose to purchase new energy vehicles.

 In addition to the traditional automobile companies have entered the new energy vehicle market, even the Internet giants of Ma Huateng, Liu Qiangdong, Lei Jun and Yu Minhong have also sold new energy vehicles, which is the picture below.


There are more solar cars, no oil and no electricity!


You can charge anywhere, no longer have to worry about running long distances.

When we talked about new energy vehicles, there were always people who asked what to do if there was no electricity on the road. What should we do if we had to run long distances? Do we have to spend a few hours to charge every time we go to a service area?


The state announced that by 2020, 1,100 power plants will be deployed in major cities across the country. In Beijing, the density of power stations should be increased beyond that of gas stations. There are also 1,100 mobile super fast charging vehicles to be deployed. The goal is to go where the fuel car can go.

Two days ago, State Grid Jiangsu Power Company said that in 2018, Jiangsu Province will build 1870 new charging piles and build a 3km charging circle in the province's urban area. In early April, Jiangsu's first optical storage charging stations using ladders will be officially invested use!

So there is no need to worry about the charging.

Photovoltaic parking shed, parking and charging are at the same time for you to get great benefit.


The photovoltaic carport is no different from the ordinary carport when viewed from the outside, so that the car is protected from the wind and rain. However, the interior is “hidden hidden”. Each carport is a photovoltaic + project. The solar panels at the top of the carport convert solar energy into electrical energy, and then transmit it to the inverter to convert the direct current into alternating current to charge the car.

 This new type of photovoltaic + carport has the characteristics of miniaturization and decentralization, and is economical, efficient and reliable. According to reports, in the practical application of the Beijing Development Zone, since the operation of power generation on November 28, 2017 to March 19, 2018, the total power generation of the project has reached 18,7810.1 kWh, in addition to its own use, the project is also the grid. A power supply of 24,135 kWh is provided.

 Photovoltaic highway, with running and charging

 At the end of December, the world's first photovoltaic highway in Jinan,Chinawas opened to traffic! Achieve mobile charging!


The sun can generate electricity when the sun is shining. The electric car can be charged while running on it. After snowing, it can melt the road area by itself...


You are correct, this is the photovoltaic road, a "black technology" that is deeply integrated with the new energy industry has arrived.


This means that the road will become a charging treasure, and the legendary photovoltaic road will be born! In the future, you can charge while driving an electric car.

This is a typical case of cross-border integration of “traffic + new energy”. The photovoltaic pavement will soon become the “mobile charging treasure” of electric vehicles. More than just Jinan, the Ministry of Transport is gradually promoting the construction of new energy transportation in various provinces and cities. I believe that the future of photovoltaic roads will slowly walk to everyone.