When “shading Products” Meet “solar Energy”, This Is The Future Of Photovoltaic Applications!

- Mar 05, 2019-

In the European Union, buildings account for 40% of total energy consumption. Therefore, buildings continue to be sustainable and energy-saving, and the combination of sunshade products and solar energy is an excellent way to improve energy efficiency.



Solar glass modules with solar cells in a color or translucent design can not only serve the purpose of shading, but also generate electricity for buildings.



BIPV photovoltaic building

double glass solar panels

Double glass solar modules

In residential construction, similar designs can be used to improve energy use. The awning not only provides outdoor seating space, but also provides energy.

 solar panels awning


Sunshade and solar energy are a contradiction and interaction proposition. There are many examples of shading. Let's take a look!


1, solar trees


A unique lighting concept that combines avant-garde design with renewable energy technologies. It uses multiple solar panels to form the shape of the tree through the shape of the pole.

 solar trees

 solar tree

solar led trees

2, swimming pool sunshade

 Swimming pool sunshade

 Swimming pool photovoltaic sunshade

Swimming pool solar pv sunshade

3, solar fast charging station


The solar fast charging station can provide energy refueling for electric vehicles. It has been implemented on-site to establish a central hub for electric vehicles, public transportation and electric bicycles, and the intersection between local and long-distance transportation routes.

 Solar fast charging station

 PV fast charging station

Photovoltaic solar fast charging station

4, solar curtain lights


Eco-leaf Shade is a unique window electric harvesting curtain. High-tech curtains get energy from sunlight and heat. It also protects you from the sun and heat during the day. At night, the LED lights in the curtains are illuminated with electricity collected during the day.

 Solar curtain light

PV curtain light

So amazing, there are so many sunshade products combined with solar energy. The combination of solar energy and sunshade curtains is a relatively new product, such as the blinds that can be used to charge mobile phones.

 Blinds for charging mobile phones

The solar cells are connected to each slat on the blinds to form an entire system that can store solar energy and convert the solar energy into electrical energy.

 Blinds for charging mobile phones with solar

Blinds for charging mobile phone for home

While large rooftop mounted solar panels are expensive and difficult to install, solar blinds require only one window to absorb solar energy and generate electricity.

 Blinds with solar panels for charging mobile phones

The blinds become solar generators that store the battery while blocking the sun, and the intelligent blinds track the sun throughout the day and adjust its position accordingly.

 Blinds as a solar generator

They produce up to 100W-150W of renewable energy per 10 square feet (≈1 square meters) of windows, and can power three MacBooks or 30 LED bulbs.

 solar bilnds

In addition, Solar Gaps integrates with existing smart home technologies such as Google Home and can be controlled from a smartphone.


As of now, they have a photovoltaic appearance, so they can't be integrated into the background like traditional white blinds, and they still have some limitations.