Where Is The Magical Solar Bike Path?

- Jan 30, 2019-

Solar bicycle lane, I believe that there must be very few people who know it. Where is this magical solar bicycle lane?


After six months of testing, the world's first solar-powered bicycle road (Sola Road) on the outskirts of the Dutch capital, the data was very exciting.


A total of 150,000 cyclists passed by the 70-meter journey, most of them did not even know the particularity of the road. They brought a total of 3,000 kWh of energy, enough for several families to consume electricity for one year. This shows that SolaRoad is very practical.

 solar bike path

Of course, SolaRoad also has certain defects, such as long-time riding, which makes the road easy to sink; the performance of the coating is easy to fall off, and more importantly, the current cost is as high as 3.75 million US dollars, and the application in a short time is still debatable. However, once the technology is mature and the cost is reduced, it can be applied on a large scale, especially for traffic lights such as traffic lights, street lamps, and billboards.