Wind And Solar Hybrid Power System Projects In Jiangxi Officially Connected To The Grid

- Mar 08, 2019-

Recently, the wind turbines of the Datang International Shaling Scenery and Lightning Project in Jiangxi Province, located in Weinan Township, Daishan City, were all installed, marking the official grid-connected power generation.

 wind and solar hybrid system projects

The project has a total investment of 520 million RMB and is a wind and solar hybrid power generation project in Jiangxi  Province. It is reported that the total investment of Shaling Photovoltaic Project is about 174 million RMB; the total investment of Shaling Wind Power Project is about 346 million RMB. Since the start of construction of the project, the project party has seized the time, grasped the progress, and rushed the construction period. It took only 300 days to complete the entire project quantity and realize grid-connected power generation, more than 100 days ahead of the scheduled construction period, creating a new energy project. It is a great work of taking advantages of green energy to create electricity in Jiangxi province, also it encourages the use of new energy in other parts of country.