100KW Large Solar System MPPT Solar Controller

100KW Large Solar System MPPT Solar Controller

We supply 220VDC (10KW, 20KW, 30KW, 40KW, 50KW, 60KW, 70KW, 80KW) modular MPPT solar charge controller.
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Introduction of the 100kw large solar system MPPT solar controller

Our Large Solar Charge Controllers contains the controller you need for larger and more complex solar power systems. Our large solar charge controllers are ideal for off-grid systems for residential, commercial, businesses and other applications which involve multiple solar panels, larger battery banks, operating at high volts.
This series controllers designed with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, via MPPT, the controller can use higher voltage from the solar panels and step it down to the battery bank's voltage, because of MPPT plus larger voltage and current capacities which enable these controllers to work well with the most powerful solar panels and varied battery bank sizes.

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Feature of the 100kw large solar system MPPT solar controller



* High voltage DC Solar power system

* Solar home energy storage systems

* Small solar power station and off-grid power systems

* Electricity, railways, telecommunications etc systems.


Specifications of the 100kw large solar system MPPT solar controller



Working diagram


Production process





Packing& Delivery






Q: Can our 100KW solar panel use this controller?
A: Yes, you even can add some more power of solar panel array as this is a MPPT controller with bigger current and capacities can larger your system; if you not want to install a separate controller for the off-grid solar system, you can consider to choose our Off-Grid Hybrid Three Phase Solar Inverter which inbuilt with MPPT control.

Q: What about the delivery time of your solar charge controller?
A: 15~25 days.

Q: What is the warranty and how you replace it if there is problem happened?
A: We provide two years warranty. During the warranty period, if the products have any quality problem we will send parts for your repair and replace. If products are damaged by personal then we are not responsible.


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