12V24V 30A LCD PWM Solar Charger

12V24V 30A LCD PWM Solar Charger

We supply 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger.
12V 24V (10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 45A) are available for this series of LCD PWM solar charger.
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Product Details

Introduction of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger

PWM: Usually for electric investment, we will like to see if we can simply match the voltage of the controller to your battery bank. So a 12 volt controller matches with a 12 volt battery bank/PV system. This is the typical applications with an RV or boat. Similarly, if you have a 24 volt system for your off-grid house, you would match it with a 24 volt charge controller. Same for 48 volt systems. From this, the cheaper and perfectly good choice would be a pulse width modulation (PWM) solar charge controller.

This series controller adopts latest charging technologies and a AtonIC state of charge determination, which results in optimal battery maintenance and control of the panels with more output connected. The high light of this controller is it designed with a large display shows voltage, current and state of charge all operating data with the aid of symbols for user.                                                                       

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---PRL series is same as PR series, but PRL series controller has one more Backlight function---


Feature of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger


Electronic Protection functions



* Graphical LCD display, (PRL series: with background light, could read data in dark)

* For operating parameters, fault messages, self test operation

* Simple menu-driven operation

* Programming by buttons

* Manual load switch



* Prepayment interface

* External temperature sensor

* Alarm contact


Application of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger


Specifications of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger


Working Diagram


Product details of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger




Production process of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger


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Certifications of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger


Packing& Delivery of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger




FAQ of the 12V 24V 30A LCD PWM solar charger

Q: Why choose us?

A: Advanced technology, competitive price, fast delivery and good after-sale services.

Q: What power of the solar system can this solar charge connect to?

A: 12V 300W/360W or 24V 600W/700W/720W solar systems can use this solar controller.

Q: How to choose a solar controller?
A: Small solar system 12v/24v usually can choose a PWM controller as its cheaper and also perfectly works; more than 24v/48v if system with more panels then you can consider to choose MPPT controller as it with higher efficiency.

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