24V 48V DC 40A LCD Display Solar Controller

We supply 24V or 48Vdc 40A PWM LCD display solar controller.
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Product Details

                                              24V or 48V 40Amp Solar Charge Controller with LCD display


What is a Solar Charge Controller and PWM means?

A solar charge controller or charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the batteries. E.g., "12 volt" panels output vmp volts is about 16 to 20 volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries will be damaged from overcharging. Most batteries need around 14 to 14.5 volts to get fully charged. The charge controller regulates this 16 to 20 volts output of the panel down to what the battery needs at the time.
img31383.jpg"PWM" stands for Pulse Width Modulation.


Feature of the 24V 48V DC 40A LCD display solar controller

MCU control

Intelligent optimized SOC design

Longer batteries lives because of functions of overcharge function and over discharge protection for batteries

Full automatic control such as electronic short circuit protection, overload protection and unique reserve connection prevention

An industrial chip provided for all control to enable equipment to operate in a cold, hot or humid condition

Crystal oscillator is used for timing control, featuring accurate control and having multi-stage single-interval fixed-time setting and independently settable multi-stage dual-interval fixed-time setting



Ideal for solar home system, remote areas, traffic signal etc applications.


Specifications of the 24V 48V DC 40A LCD display solar controller

Model (CP-)


Rated charge current


Rated load current


System voltage

12V/24V automatic identification;

24V/48V automatic identification



Input of the photovoltaic module

<25V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V




No-load loss


Battery capacity

Default: 400Ah (settable between 100AH to 9000AH)

Voltage drop of the charge circuit


Voltage drop of the discharge circuit


Over voltage protection

17V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Charge program


Voltage of boosting charge

14.2V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Voltage of direct charge

14V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Voltage of floating charge

13.8V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Over-discharge recovery voltage

12.7V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Over-discharge voltage

11.1V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Charge mode

PWM(pulse width modulation)

Operating temperature

Industrial level: -35°C ~+55°C

Ambient temperature for operation

0 ~ 40°C

Ambient temperature for storage

-15°C ~ 50°C

Operation/storage conditions

0-90% (no condensation)

Machine dimension

(D x W x H) (mm)


Packing dimension(D x W x H) (mm)


N.W / G.W (kg)

1 / 1.15

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Protection Function

Overload protection and short circuit protection: Overload protection upon 1.25 times of the rated current for 60s or 1.5 times of the rated current for 5s, short circuit protection upon three or more times of the rated current.


Working Diagram

1)  DC Solar System


2)  AC Solar System


Product details of the 24V 48V DC 40A LCD display solar controller

* Panel display and introduction


* Wiring port instruction


Certifications of the 24V 48V DC 40A LCD display solar controller



Packing& Delivery of the 24V 48V DC 40A LCD display solar controller



Transport of goods by sea, by air freight, by express DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx etc.


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Q: What power of solar system can use this 24V 40A solar controller?

A: This controller can be used for 1KW 24V solar power system; if controller is 48V40A then it can be used for 2KW48V solar system.

Q: What about the delivery time of your solar charge controller?
A: 1 day for sample, 3~7 days for normal order, 15~20 days for bulk order/OEM order.

Q: What is MOQ of the solar charge controller?
A: The MOQ is 1pc for sample test.


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