24V 48V DC 60Amp Solar Charger

24V 48V DC 60Amp Solar Charger

We supply 24V 48Vdc 60a solar charger.
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Product Details

Solar Charge Controllers are used to regulate and optimize the charge from solar panels and protect batteries in solar power systems.

How do Solar Charge Controllers Work?

How charge controllers actually work and what do they do in a solar power system? Or, can I just connect my solar panels up directly to my batteries?

Solar charge controllers will protect your batteries from being overcharged by your solar panels and it will block any reverse current from the batteries at night as well. Solar charge controllers will actually protect every aspect of your solar power system from your batteries to your solar panels. If possible, Temperature sensors will be added to help the charge controller more accurately regulate the charge of the battery bank.


Feature of the 24V 48V DC 60Amp solar charger




Specifications of the 24V 48V DC 60Amp solar charger

Model (CP-)


Rated charge current


Rated load current


System voltage

12V/24V automatic identification;

24V/48V automatic identification



Input of the photovoltaic module

<25V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V




No-load loss


Battery capacity

Default: 400Ah (settable between 100AH to 9000AH)

Voltage drop of the charge circuit


Voltage drop of the discharge circuit


Over voltage protection

17V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Charge program


Voltage of boosting charge

14.7V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Voltage of direct charge

14.2V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Voltage of floating charge

13.8V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Over-discharge recovery voltage

12.7V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Over-discharge voltage

11.1V;  ⅹ2/24V;  ⅹ4/48V

Charge mode

PWM(pulse width modulation)

Overload protection and short circuit 


Overload protection upon 1.25 times of the rated current for 60s or 1.5 times of the rated current for    5s, short circuit protection upon three or more times of the rated current

Operating temperature

Industrial level: -35°C ~+55°C

Ambient temperature for operation

0 ~ 40°C

Ambient temperature for storage

-15°C ~ 50°C

Operation/storage conditions

0-90% (no condensation)

Machine dimension (D x W x H) (mm)


Packing dimension(D x W x H) (mm)


N.W / G.W (kg)

1 / 1.15

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Working Diagram


Product details of the 24V 48V DC 60Amp solar charger






Q: How many KW of solar panel can connect to this 24V 60A controller?

A: It can work with 1500W 24V system.

Q: What about the delivery time of your solar charge controller?
A: Sample in stock, 5~10 days for bulk order.

Q: What is the warranty for the solar charge controller?
A: We provide one year warranty and offer whole life technical support. During the warranty period, if the products have any quality problem we will send parts for your repair and replace. If products are damaged by personal then we are not responsible.


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