48V DC PWM Solar Charger

48V DC PWM Solar Charger

We supply 24V48V DC (60A, 80A, 100A) PWM solar charger.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

Solar charger, also known as solar charge controller or battery regulator, are an essential component of an off-grid solar system. The core task of a regulator is to control the current flow from the solar panels into the batteries to prevent overcharging. Most regulators also prevent excessive discharges. It should be mounted close to the batteries so it can measure the batteries temperature (or ambient temperature) to optimize charging rates.

This series 48V Solar charger base on an MCU intelligent control technology, the product realizes solar charge and discharge management for batteries for prolong the service lifetime of the system.


The CP-024(48) Series Controller Has Four Different Current For Your Choice:

CP-024(48)60 (60A)     CP-024(48)80 (80A)     CP-024(48)100 (100A)


Product Feature

◇Excellent performance because of MCU control and intelligent optimized SOC design

◇Longer batteries lifespan because of the functions of overcharge and over-discharge protection for batteries

◇Full automatic control such as electronic short circuit protection,overload protection and unique reserve connection prevention

◇Visualization of operation status of the equipment through simple LED indicators and nixie tubes and one-button setting.

◇An industrial chip provided for all control to enable equipment operate in a cold, hot or humid condition

◇Crystal oscillator is used for timing control, featuring accurate control and having multi-stage single-interval fixed-time setting and independently settable multi-stage dual-interval fixed-time setting.





Model (CP-)




Rated charge current




System voltage

24V/48V automatic identification



Input of the photovoltaic module

Maximum photovoltaic

<50V; ⅹ2/48VDC

Maximum power

1440Wp; ⅹ2/48V

1920Wp; ⅹ2/48V

2400Wp; ⅹ2/48V

Number of inputs


Maximum current

of each input




No-load loss


Voltage drop of the charge circuit


Over voltage protection

34V; ⅹ2/48V

Voltage of boosting charge

29.2V; ⅹ2/48V(hold time: 30min)

(called upon over discharge only)

Voltage of direct charge

28.8V; ⅹ2/48V (hold time: 30min)

Voltage of floating charge

27.2V; ⅹ2/48V (hold time: operation will begin upon the charge recovery voltage)

Charge recovery voltage

26.4V; ⅹ2/48V

Temperature compensation

-5mv/°C/2V (compensation for the boosting charge voltage, the direct charge voltage, the    floating charge voltage, the charge recovery voltage)

Under voltage

24V; ⅹ2/48V

Over discharge voltage

22.2V-initial over discharge voltage of discharge rate compensation (no-load voltage); ⅹ2/48V

Over discharge recovery voltage

25.2V; ⅹ2/48V

Control mode

PWM (pulse width modulation)

Operating temperature

Industrial level: -35°C~+55°C

Machine dimension (D x W x H) (mm)


Packing dimension(D x W x H) (mm)


N.W / G.W (kg)

2.4 / 2.8

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Working Diagram


Product Details






Packing& Delivery


Transport of goods by sea, by air freight, by express DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx etc.



Q: Do you have LCD display 48V solar charge controllers?

A: Yes we have LCD display 12/24/48V series solar charger (10A~60A), if you need 48V 80A & 100A per unit we now only have LED display type.

Q: Do you only produce controller?

A: We are specializing in field of solar energy products, e.g., solar charge controller, inverter and pv storage etc complete solar system components.

Q: How to size a charge controller?

A: When choosing a correct solar controller for the PV system, you will need to make sure the solar charge controller has enough capacity to handle the current (amps) from your solar panel array. Take the wattage of your solar panels and divide it by the battery bank's voltage to get a rough estimate of how many amps the controller needs. Another Way to Size a Charge Controller: the basic formula for sizing a solar charge controller is to take the short circuit current (Isc) of the array and multiply it by 1.56. Be sure that the solar controller you select can handle at least that many amps.


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