High Voltage 192V 384V DC PWM Solar Charge Controller

High Voltage 192V 384V DC PWM Solar Charge Controller

We supply High voltage 192VDC (50A, 75A, 100A) PWM solar charge controller wall-mounted model.
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Product Details

Do you need a solar charge controller? If your solar PV system will require batteries, then YES! Why? Because solar charge controllers control or regulate the charging of batteries in a off-grid solar PV system. Most residential solar electric systems are “grid-tied” systems, they do not use batteries and thus have no need for solar controllers, but all the off-grid homes and remote backup power supply by solar-charged battery systems (lights, sensors, instruments, etc.) need charge controllers to safely and efficiently charge their battery and supply power to the loads.


The CP-192 Series Controller Has Three Different Current For Your Choice:

CP-19250 (50A)     CP-19275 (75A)     CP-192100 (100A)

CP-38450 (50A)     CP-38475 (75A)     CP-384100 (100A)


Product Feature

◇Excellent performance because of an MCU intelligent control technology;

◇Visualization of operation status of the equipment through Chinese and English menus, LEDs and an LCD;

◇Solar array, battery common-anode system input and multiple independent solar array input control;

◇Settable battery protection parameters;

◇Display of the current battery voltage, battery charge current, internal temperature of the case, total photovoltaic power generation capacity, total power consumption by the load, photovoltaic current when each solar array is separately charged, etc.

◇Overall protection: protection and alarm for reverse connection of the battery poles, battery overcharge, cooling control for interior of the cabinet (the fan will be started upon 45℃), and back charge of the battery at night;

◇Functions of historical records and password protection;

◇Function of clock display.





Model (CP-)




Rated voltage

192V;  ×2/384V

Rated charge current






Input of the photovoltaic module

Maximum pv power

10KWp; ×2/384V

15KWp; ×2/384V

20KWp; ×2/384V

Maximum pv voltage

<350V; ×2/384V

Number of inputs




Maximum current of each input


Voltage of overcharge protection

222.4V; ×2/384V (settable)

Voltage of overcharge recovery

219.2V; ×2/384V (settable)

DC output

Rated output current


Voltage of load over-voltage protection

248V; ×2/384V DC (settable)

Voltage of load over-voltage recovery

240V;  ×2/384V DC

Voltage of load over-discharge recovery

203.2V;  ×2/384V DC (settable)

Voltage of load over-discharge protection

175V;  ×2/384V DC

Overall efficiency


Protection function

Charge over-current, over-voltage/DC output under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current etc

Starting temperature of the exhaust fan


Ambient temperature for operation


Ambient temperature for storage

-15 ~ +50°C

Operation/storage conditions

0~90% (no condensation)




Machine dimension

(D x W x H) (mm)



Packing dimension

(D x W x H) (mm)



N.W / G.W (kg)

5.2 / 6.5

8.4 / 9.8

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Working Diagram


Production Process


         img19798.jpg          img07310.jpg



Packing& Delivery



Transport of goods by sea, by air freight, by express DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx etc.

Delivery time: 1-3 days for sample, 5~15 days for bulk order


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and we have cooperated clients worldwide.

Technical support provided by us to customers installation, training etc.
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Q: What is the battery bank voltage required to match your high voltage 192VDC controller?

A: This controller is designed with 192VDC input, so battery bank suggest also max 192VDC(12V16pcs connected in series).

Q: What is the warranty of this product?

A: Quality warranty is for 12months; parts will be replaced for free during warranty period.

Q: Can I be your sale agent in our market?
A: Welcome to be our distributor or agent, it will depend on the sales turn over and we also will do research on your market. Let’s discuss more details if you have interest…

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