250 Watt Mono Solar Panels For Home

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                                       250 watt Mono Solar Panels, a Great Option for Home


Solar panels, also called photovoltaics or solar PV uses special monocrystalline cells technology to convert energy from sunlight into electricity.

A solar panel helps in collecting solar energy so it can be used to fulfill general daily electricity needs. It is a great alternative for generating electricity which does not only bring down your electricity bill, but it also helps in reducing carbon emissions and lets you enjoy your sun powered green home.

Monocrystalline Solar Cells

Monocrystalline solar cells are made out of single-crystalline silicon and are quite distinctive in looks as they typically have an even black colouring.


l        Mono crystalline solar cells have the highest rates of efficiency (15%~20%)

l        It requires less space compared to the other types of solar cells as it is the most efficient ones

l        Mono cells reportedly perform better in low light environment

Mono 250 watt solar panel, with high efficiency A grade mono-crystalline solar cells 156mmx156mm (60cells: 6×10).

250 w mono solar panels for home.jpg

250W Monocrystalline Solar Module

Mono 250 watt solar modules, they comes prefixed with 2×900mm cables & make and female IP67 MC4 connectors. They are appropriate for residential, commercial or utility scale solar power applications.

* PID and snail trails free

* Excellent performance under low irradiance

* Environmental tested for salt mist/ammonia/sand, ensures good performance in harsh environment

* Power tolerance 0~+5W, guaranteed power output

* Additional yield and easy maintenance with high transparent self-cleaning glass

* EL testing during manufacturing, defect-free modules 

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

1. Reduce electricity bill;

2. Earn money back;

3. Sell the surplus electricity back to the grid;

4. Reduce your carbon footprint;

5. No maintenance required;

6. Independent of grid.

Ideal for:

If you’re interested in saving money for your home electricity bill, solar panels can help you as solar panels prices have steadily decreased over the last couple of years, their price has come down, but their effectiveness has gone up. But are they right for your particular home? Ask yourself these things before making a decision.

Which way does your roof slant and is your roof in position toward the sun? Because of the solar generation electricity has direct relation to the sun and the panel installation position. So which type of facing roofs (south-facing roofs or other facing roofs) are the most productive for solar becomes significantly important. Ideally, the sun will heat your panels for at least five hours a day except rainy or cloudy days. If tress, hills or other high building block the sun from reaching your roofs, that’s a problem, so make sure that your house roof towards the sun also important for improving home solar system power generation.

rooftop solar panels.png

Specification of the 250 watt mono solar panels

Mechanical Drawings

250watt solar panels.jpg250w mono solar panel.jpg

Electrical Curves

                                                                                 e.g., PV module 250W

250w PV panel.jpg 250w solar module.jpg


Product details of the 250 watt mono solar panels

250w panel PRODUCT DETAILS.jpg

Production of the 250 watt mono solar panels

solar power system.png

Certifications of the 250 watt mono solar panels

solar cell.png



Q: How do solar panels work?
A: A solar panel (or module) is a group of cells connected electronically and grouped into a frame. Many modules are put together to form a solar array and many arrays connected together form a solar system. Solar cells are made of semiconductors such as silicon, which absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity.


Q: What types of solar PV system can this 250w mono solar panel used for?
A: Our high efficiency 250w mono solar panel can be used for both stand-alone PV system and grid-connected PV system.

Q: How big of the roof required if I plan to install a 5KW solar system?
A: You need about 100 square feet of are per kilowatt of solar system. An average residential solar system is five kilowatts-20 panels-in size. So, for that, you’d need roughly 500 square feet of space.



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