255W Residential Mono Solar Panels

We supply 255w residential mono solar panels.
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Product Details

                   255 Watt PV module High efficiency mono-crystalline silicon 60 cells

High quality Mono solar panel 255W, which is well-used in residential rooftop&ground mounts. If you want to reduce your home electricity bill, or even just want to make your home a little more eco-friendly, this solar energy will be one of the most cost-effective power solution for you.

It has been widely used for home household equipment powering, it usually combine with solar controller, battery and inverter to a solar PV system. If you want to save money on batteries, you also can use a grid-tied solar inverter to feed excess power back into the grid. No matter what your need is, a 255watt mono solar panel is often the good choice.


Product Feature

² High module conversion efficiency

Up to 15.7%, through superior cell technology and leading PV manufacturing capability.

² Positive tolerance

Guarantee from 0 to +3% as power tolerance, customers can obtain more power than conventional output.

² Certified

Modules certified by TUV in the extreme conditions (temperature, load & impact) with good performance.

Certified to withstand increased loads of up to 5400Pa.

² Self-cleaning & anti-reflective

Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass increase the power output and mechanical strength of solar module;

² Excellent weak light performance

Good performance under low light environments (morning, evening and cloudy day).

² PID Resistant

Tested in accordance to the standard IEC 62804, our PV modules have demonstrated resistance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation), which translates to security for your investment.

Product Warranty

* 25-YEAR 80% Power Output Warranty, 12-YEAR 90% Power Output Warranty, 10-YEAR Material & Workmanship Warranty.


Application of the 255w residential mono solar panels

◇Residential, commercial, industrial applications

◇Solar power station, communication station

◇Rooftop & ground mounts

◇Solar street light, irrigation solar pumps etc

◇On-grid commercial/industrial/residential, utility scale applications.



Technical Specifications of the 255w residential mono solar panels

Module type:       255M-60

Max-power at ST(Pmax): 255W

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp):       30.92V

Current at Pmax (Imp): 8.25A

Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 38.10V

Short-circuit current (Isc): 8.84A

Cell efficiency:       18.0%

Module efficiency:       15.7%

Nominal operating cell temperature(NOCT): 45±2℃

Temperature coefficients of Pmax:       -0.45%/℃

Temperature coefficients of Voc:       -0.34%/℃

Temperature coefficients of Isc:       0.06%/℃

Max-system voltage: 1000VDC

Limiting reverse current:       15A

Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃

Cell type       Mono crystalline: 156×156mm

Number of cells: 60 (6×10)

Junction Box (protection degree):       ≥IP65

Cables: 4mm2, 900mm length

Connectors:       MC4 compatible, IP67

Module dimensions (L / W / H): 1640mm× 992mm× 35mm / 40mm

Weight: 17.6/18.1kg

STC: Irradiance 1000W/m2     Cell temperature 25℃    AM=1.5


Mechanical Drawings


Electrical Curves

                                                                                    e.g., PV module 255W

img24190.jpg    img32201.jpg

Materials of the 255w residential mono solar panels

1)  Solar Cell------Mono-crystalline solar cell 156*156mm

2)  Front Glass-------3.2mm, high transmission, low iron, tempered glass

3)  EVA-------Excellent anti-aging EVA

4)  TPT-------TPT hot seal made of flame resistance

5)  Frame------Anodized aluminum profile

6)  Junction Box-------IP65 rated, high quality, with diode protection

Superiority: high quality anodized aluminum frame, high efficiency long life, easy installation, strong wind resistance, strong hail resistance.


FAQ of the 255w residential mono solar panels

Q: How your company do the quality control for the solar panels?

A: We do quality control as follows:
-Advanced automatic production line for solar cells, solar modules assembled.
-All the staff has been trained strictly before they start to work.
-All the equipment will have calibration every 24 hours.
-R &D center focus on high efficiency solar cells and higher output solar panels.
-Strictly checking for raw material silicon, glass, back-sheet, EVA, Junction Box etc.

-100% EL tests.

Q: What is MOQ of the solar panels?
A: No MOQ required, customers can buy one or two pieces to test our quality, but freight will be borne by the customer.

Q: What is the lead time for one container?
A: Usually it takes 7-15days, depend on our factory production season.

Q: Where is the best place on my roof to put solar panels?
A: Each roof is different in orientation and its shading profile. The generic answer is to look for the south facing locations first, east second, then west.


Jensys Power is specialized in manufacturing, supplying premium solar panels products since 2006, which is well-known as one of the leading solar panels manufacturer and supplier of solar panels & solar system products. We are now serving more than 80 countries & regions, meanwhile also received high reputation on the superior product performance and reliability, state of the art technology and built long term good partnerships with valued customers. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in our products.


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