300 W Solar Panels Of Grade A Mono Cell

300 watt solar panel is manufactured with 72pcs of mono crystalline solar cell, it can be used for 24Vdc battery system and multiple solar panels combined a solar array can be used to charge 48V/96V etc system and power different power loads.
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Product Details

                                       High Efficiency and New 300 W Solar Mono Panel

Description of the 300 w solar panels

A solar panel, also called a photovoltaic module, is a device meant to absorb energy from the sun’s rays and convert the solar energy into electricity to power things like lights, computers, or cars. It actually is a collection of a number of solar cells. Multiple solar panels comprise a solar arrray, or photovoltaic array. The solar panel uses either crystalline silicon in the form of wafers, or thin films made up either of silicon or cadmium telluride. As light hits the solar panel, some of the light energy is absorbed into the semiconductor that makes it up, knocking electrons free. These electrons are then forced in one direction, creating a current, which can then be captured, converted, and used to power whatever we need it for.

300w mono solar panel

300W Monocrystalline Solar Module

We guarantee each piece of our solar energy photovoltaic panel has perfect appearance, positive solar power performance, and without quality hidden trouble as we are manufactured in accordance with the following:

* EL testing to ensure panel without micro-break/invisible break;

* Appearance inspection to ensure solar panel without defect;

* Solar power testing, inspection of positive tolerance to guarantee high efficiency output.

Some parameter of the 300 watt mono solar panel as follows:

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 32.6V

Current at Pmax (Imp): 9.19A

Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 39.9V

Short-circuit current (Isc): 9.64A

Max-system voltage: 1000VDC

Limiting reverse current: 15A

Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃

Cell type and nos.: 60 (6×10) mono crystalline silicon 156×156mm

Module dimensions (L / W / H): 1640mm× 992mm× 35mm

Weight: 18kg

How to guarantee the solar panel with good performance?

1. High conversion efficiency solar cells based on innovative photovoltaic technologies.

2. High stability and A grade solar cells with guaranteed +3% power output tolerance, ensuring investment return.

3. Tempered front glass withstands high wind-pressure and snow load.

4. Light weight and pre-drilled installed holes make it easy to install.

5. Anti-reflective and high viscous EVA.

6. High light transmission Anti-reflective glass

7. 25 years limited solar power warranty.


What people mainly concerns with a solar panel is how to get the most energy from the smallest amount of area. A solar panel is expensive, and takes up space, so it has to be both economical financially and from a footprint perspective, in order to make it worth installing them rather than grabbing electricity off of a grid.

1. Low voltage-temperature coefficient allows higher solar power output at high-temperature condition.

2. High efficient, high reliable photovoltaic solar cells ensure our product output stability.

Best Quality Materials Guarantee our solar panels to be the premium one:

1. Solar cells------ grade a mono silicon solar cell with high efficiency

2. Front glass------ high transmission, low iron, tempered glass

3. EVA-----excellent anti-aging EVA

4. TPT------TPT hot seal made of flame ,,,resistance, imported

5. Aluminum Frame----- Unique aluminum frame design with high mechanical strength for installation

6. Junction box----- IP67 rated, high quality, built-in diode prevents reverse charging

Applications of our solar panels:

1. Large or small scale on-grid or off-grid different solar power stations

2. Commercial and industrial ground and rooftop mounting systems

3. Resident systems, solar generator, solar panel kits

4. Apply for such as : residential solar panels ,solar power generator, home solar panels, solar air conditioner, solar chargers, photovoltaic systems, solar kits, solar farm, home solar panel kits, solar pump, solar panels for RVs , solar television, Solar power, solar heater, solar lights, solar street lamp, solar car , etc

solar system installation.png


Production process of the 300 w solar panels

solar module workshop1.jpg

Certifications of the 300 w solar panels

300watt solar panels.png


Q: How much do solar panels cost?
A: It is difficult to calculate the exact cost of solar panels due to the many factors that can affect the price of solar panels. The average domestic solar array for electricity may cost from $6,000 to $9,000.

Generally, the more expensive the system, the more electricity it generates and therefore the more savings it can bring. in recent years the prices for solar panels have dropped considerably, and improvements in technology have led to more efficient systems, making the advantages even more tempting.


Q: What maximum power of the 60 mono cells panels can do produce?
A: Now we can produce 300w, 310w, 320w and more.


Q: What are the benefits of solar panels?

A: Reduce electricity bill, sell back electricity, independent of grid etc to install solar panels.

Q: Can I use the 300W solar panel to charge a 12V battery bank?

A: Yes, but usually suggest to choose the 300w to charge the 24v battery which panel current will be smaller and system will more stable working.