340W Mono Solar Panels for PV Power Station

We supply 340w mono solar panels for PV power station.
We are committed to providing high quality solar modules, solar system solutions and services to customers around the world.
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                                                         Why choose solar for your home and business?

Solar panels reduce the carbon footprint of your house and pave your way to a greener future. Solar energy is also a valuable investment. Your solar system will lower your electricity bills and offers an immediate payback from subsidies. Solar power also gives your business the independence to reduce its operating costs by taking control of your energy needs.

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The 72 series is a 72 cell solar panel with outstanding power output makes it ideal for utility and commercial installations. The 340Watt power output solar panel with 4 or 5 busbars >17% module efficiency, salt mist, ammonia.


340Watt PV Module, MC4 compatible, 72 Cell Mono, 1000VDC

◇Superior performance and reliability.

◇Positive power tolerance;

◇Modules ranging from 320-350W;

◇4 or 5BB cells new technology;

◇Anti-reflective glass with self-cleaning function;

◇IP67 protection level junction box with quality diodes ensure module running safely;

◇Certified to withstand increased loads of up to 5400Pa;

◇Outstanding performance in low-light conditions;

◇Certified PID free.

◇25 years linear power warranty; 10 years product warranty.




Specification of the 340w mono solar panels for PV power station


Electrical Curves

                                                                                       e.g., PV module 340W



Junction Box waterproof with TUV Certificate, bypass Diode Rated 15A,
Solar Cable & Connector: 4m² MC 4 connector with TUV Certificate.
1. Tempered-glass: The glass is super white cloth grain of toughened glass , the thickness of 3.2mm, light transmittance improvement above 3%, toughened glass is made of components can withstand 25 mm in diameter of hockey hit at a speed of 

23 m/s.
2. EVA:  0. 5 mm thickness with high quality EVA film as sealant of solar cell and and the connection 

between the glass, TPT,with high light transmittance and anti-aging ability. Solar cell encapsulation of 

EVA film after curing performance requirements:
Light transmittance is greater than 90% ; temperature resistance , high temperature 85° C ,  low temperature - 40° C.
3. TPT Back-Sheet: the back of the solar panel, aging resistance , corrosion resistance , resistance to 

ultraviolet radiation, airtight, etc.
4. Frame: aluminum alloy frame with high intensit , mechanical shock resistance ability
*Strong, lightweight aluminum frame design with reinforced sealing and load hold to prevent freezing and warping, and stand against high wind.

Rigorous Quality Control & STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT

By strictly implementing quality management system, from materials testing to manufacturing process and product shipment, we monitor and trace back every step to ensure the solar products quality promise.


State of the Art fully automated equipment combined with rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the highest quality of the solar panels is applied to each step of the manufacturing process.

Only high quality, proven raw materials &components suppliers with established lab testing equipment are used to manufacture our solar panels.






Q: What is the power range of the 72cells mono solar panels you can produce?

A: 72 cells series mono solar panels we have 300W, 310W, 320W, 330W, 340W, 350W etc models.

Q: What is the warranty for the solar panels?
A: 25 years 80% power output warranty; 12 years 90% power output warranty and 10 years for material & workmanship warranty.

Q: What is MOQ of the solar panels?
A: The MOQ is one pallet or 5kw.

Q: How you ship the goods to customers around the world?
A: Transport of goods by sea, by air freight, by express DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx etc.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Delivery time: to be delivered within 5-20 days after receiving the payment.


Jensys Power is specialized in manufacturing, supplying premium solar panels products since 2006, which is well-known as one of the leading solar panels manufacturer and supplier of solar panels & solar system products. We are now serving more than 80 countries & regions, meanwhile also received high reputation on the superior product performance and reliability, state of the art technology and built long term good partnerships with valued customers. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in our products.


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