250W Poly Solar Panels For Solar Power System

Solar panels are currently the most popular form of renewable energy for homes as they provide a silent, effective and generally reliable source of power to our homes. 250w model tend to be a standard for use in homes, and they might be the right option for your home solar power system.
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Product Details

                                                  250W POLYCRYSTALLINE PV MODULE


Our solar panels solutions can be used in a variety of ways, thanks to a highly diversified range of available power outputs: e.g., monocrystalline modules can supply electric power ranging from 10Wp to 390Wp. In the same way, multicrystalline/polycrystalline modules have a power range from 5W to 345W making them a good choice for any kind of residential or commercial etc use.

You will most commonly find a 250-280 watt solar panel on the roof of homes. They tend to be installed together to form a PV array, providing homes with electricity or heat water. 250-280w panels with higher wattage and volts make them ideal for running a home with a solar power system.

250w poly solar panel


The advantages of our solar panels:

We always use industry leading components selected for our premium solar panels production that is the main reason why our panels deliver excellent output performance, safety and durability even in challenging environments.

The comprehensive 10/12/25-years warranty guarantees that every panel maintains its long-term stability, and deliveries maximum return on your investment in every PV installation.

l         Solar panel produces clean energy, and it is a widely available source of energy

l         Solar panel is high reliability, completely silent, cost-effective and eco-friendly

l         Solar panel requires little maintenance

l         They can be used to reduce your electricity bills

l         The technology is always improving, benefit for own use and business investment

l         Solar panels price becoming cheaper and cheaper currently


Product Features of the poly solar panels

High Strengths

>Positive tolerance: 0 ~+3%

>High transmission, low iron tempered glass

>Anodized aluminum frame with pre drilled holes, easy for mounts

>IP67 junction box with MC4 compatible plug connectors

>Bypass Diodes Protection

>Thoroughly tests: EL test, PID test, salt mist test etc

>Certified to withstand and excellent performance in harsh environments


• Manufacturing warranty 10 Years

• 90%: 12 Years

• 80%: 25 Years


Workmanship and Materials Warranty


Performance Warranty at 90% power output


Performance Warranty at 80% power output

Note: Fast delivery with best service, welcome to inquiry.

Suitable for: residential, industrial, utility, scale, commercial, and institutional applications both on-grid and off-grid system use.

solar power system.png

250w solar panel specification

250w solar panel dimension

250w solar panel packing

poly solar panel certifications

Mechanical Drawings

250w solar panels.jpg      250watt poly solar panels.jpg

Electrical Curves




Product details of the poly solar panels

polycrystalline solar panel.PNG

250watt solar modules.PNG


Production process of the poly solar panels

solar module workshop.jpg


Q: Do you still have 250W polycrystalline solar panel now?

A: Yes if customer insist to buy the 250w power model panel we can try to find its efficiency solar cells, but now we suggest our customer to use more than 270W, eg., 275W, 280W (60cells) etc poly solar panels as now high quality A solar cell efficiency increase more than before.

Q: Can the solar panel work in cloudy weather?

A: Yes, solar panels are also perfectly capable of working in cloudy days, but they are not as effective at producing electricity compare to sunny days, you may see a decline in efficiency levels.

Q: Can you also supply solar mounting brackets?
A: Yes, if customers need us to help build it we can do that, to save transportation cost clients also can buy or make it in their local place.


Q: Is there any disadvantages of install solar panels? 

A: Solar panels can not or just generate little electricity at night; they require a lot of space; even it has disadvantages but solar panel now is widely available of energy source comparing to diesel etc.


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