250W Poly Solar Panels Home Solar System

We supply 250w Poly solar panels for home solar system use.
We devoted ourselves to solar PV products over one decade with abundant manufacturing experience.
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Product Details

                                              250 Watt Grade A Poly Crystalline Solar Panels ā€˜24Vā€™


High quality poly solar panel 250W, which is well-used in residential rooftop&ground mounts. If you want to reduce your home electricity bill, or even just want to make your home a little more eco-friendly, this solar energy will be one of the most cost-effective power solution for you.

It has been widely used for home household equipment powering, it usually combine with solar controller, battery and inverter to a solar PV system. If you want to save money on batteries, you also can use a grid-tied solar inverter to feed excess power back into the grid. No matter what your need is, a 250watt solar panel is often the good choice.

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* High powered 250 watt PV module with 4/5BB (156mm) grade A poly cell
* Anodized aluminium frame with pre drilled holes, easy for installation
* 3.2mm high transparency solar tempered glass
* IP67 Junction-box with ~900mm PV cable and MC4 compatible connectors
* Manufactured in accordance to IEC, UL certificates and ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems

* All of our PV modules have demonstrated resistance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation)
* 10 year manufacturing warranty
* 25 year linear power production warranty (90% @ 10 years, 80% @ 25 years)


Best Use:

* Most Residential and Commercial Solar Projects



Specification of the 250w poly solar panels home solar system



Mechanical Drawings

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Electrical Curves

                                                                              e.g., PV module 250W



Product details of the 250w poly solar panels home solar system




Production process of the 250w poly solar panels home solar system



Packing& Delivery of the 250w poly solar panels home solar system






Q: Does this panel charge 12v or 24v battery?

A: This 250w panel vmp 30v, so it can be used to charge the 24v battery bank; if you connect several panels in series then the solar arrays can be used to charge 24/48/96/120/192/240/360VDC battery bank etc.

Q: Do I need to buy more accessories to install these panels?
A: The panels are completely manufactured and ready to install, you just need to buy the panel mounting brackets and additional connected cables if your place need..

Q: What kind of certificate of the solar panels you have? 
A: We have CE, ROHS, ISO, SONCAP, TUV, IEC etc.

Q: How long takes you to produce a container of panels?
A: Usually it takes one week, if busy production season, then about 10-15days.


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