50KW Three Phase Solar System with MPPT Inverter

50KW Three Phase Solar System with MPPT Inverter

We supply 50kw off grid three-phase solar system with MPPT inverter.
Regarding the solar system, we also have smaller power solution 1kw, 2kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw, 20kw, 30kw, 50kw etc available for more different applications.
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Product Details

Off Grid Solar MPPT Inverter System

50/60kW Off-Grid Solar Power System with MPPT converter

Our large off-grid systems are smart solar power systems designed to supply a home or business with renewable energy. It is suitable for big family houses or offices buildings, can run all household equipment, including lights, TVs, fans, larger fridges, freezers, computer, microwaves, also is perfectly for powering air-conditioners, water pumps, motors.

A large off-grid system comes with up to 50/60kW solar panels, a 360 volt MPPT solar inverter and a gel deep cycle battery bank. Solar panels produce DC and storage the electricity in battery bank, via a inverter which can transfer the DC to stable AC electricity for the loads.



◇Commercial and industrial PV applications

◇Power station

◇Medium-sized residential

◇Large-scale residential

◇Solar water pump use etc




50/60kW Three Phase Off Grid Solar System Including:

◇Mono/poly Solar panel 300W200pcs;

◇Solar mounting bracket (optional);

◇PV array combiner box;

◇Three phase off grid solar inverter 54KW/60KVA(with inbuilt MPPT controller);

◇Gel deep cycle battery 12Vdc *30pcs / 2Vdc *180pcs /group;

◇System accessories( cables, connectors etc)

                                                      50KW Solar System Model

Model No.




System battery voltage


Number of battery

12Vdc *30pcs / 2Vdc *180pcs /group

Daily power consumption


Suggested max loads power


System including

50/60kW Solar panel+ + Three phase off grid solar inverter 60KVA/54kW+ 360VDC Battery pack

Working mode

PV Priority / AC priority

PV Input Max. voltage (Voc)


Optimum operating voltage (Vmp)

450 ~ 550Vdc

MPPT Max. current


Max. suggested PV power

3 * 25KW

Output wave

Pure sine wave

AC input voltage range &frequency

380Vac ± 20% three-phase; 

50Hz / 60Hz ±5Hz

AC Rated output voltage

380Vac ± 1%

Phase voltage

220 / 230 / 240Vac (settable)


≥ 93%

* All specifications subject to change without notice

* Custom-made specifications are acceptable

The Solar System Diagram of the 50kw three phase solar system with MPPT inverter


Packing & Delivery




Our Service

img30853.jpgEasy installation, installation files will be provided by us

img02018.jpgHigh qualitycomponents service life and trouble-free

img02638.jpgComplete installation solution, customized solutions are welcome

img32435.jpgThe best service helps you save more time and cost

img18163.jpgTrial order, sample order and mixed order are accepted



Q: What kind of loads can connect to use this 50kw solar system?
A: The 50kw solar inverter can provide single phase electricity to fans, lights, TVs, air-conditions, fridges etc; also can provide three-phase electricity to powering motor, pump etc inductive loads.

Q: What kind of battery can be used for the solar system?
A: Usually we suggest our customers to choose gel battery or deep cycle battery, opzs, opzv etc batteries can be used for solar system storage electricity. This inverter DC input rated volt is 360V, so you need at least 30pcs of 12 volt batteries connect in series per group.

Q: What is the lead time for one set 50kw solar system?
A: One set or several sets usually production time is nearly same, It usually takes 15-25 days for production after received payment as the battery now takes at least 20days for production.


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