5KVA Off-Grid PV System

5KVA Off-Grid PV System

Complete Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Kit with 5kVA/4kW Inverter Charger, VRLA Gel Batteries, Solar Panels and Accessories. It is affordable and reliable.
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The 5kVA (48V) is our most powerful single MPPT solution, high efficiency and reliable system. The system includes 16 solar panels of 250W (or e.g., currently 12 solar panels of 310W/320W) installed with total max. PV array power 4000Watt; Using a MPPT solar inverter 5kVA/4kW, output connecting with 48V battery storage bank that supports daily electrical energy usage. The system is maintenance-free, the solar panels are featured with good performance and can work even under harsh environment, the inverter and batteries must be kept clean and free from dust and moisture.


Technical Description 5000VA/ 4000W 48V System

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Main Items of the system:

 Solar Panels 

4 Up 16

e.g., 250/300/310/320/380/390Watt Mono/Polycrystalline



5kVA 48V/230VAC, built-in MPPT solar controller 80Amp


4 per group

48V bank Solar GEL Deep Cycle Batteries -Maintenance free

Accessories of the system:

PV Combiner Box


Up 8 DC inputs, 1 DC Outputs

Mounting brackets


Roof or Ground Installation

Note: the mounting kit for solar panels is not  included with the solar panels price, you have to contact us and we will recommend you the appropriate mounting system if required. Other accessories like MC4 connectors, cables, fuses etc if needed, we can provide complete system items.


Solar System Connection

5kVA Off Grid Solar System Diagram

The Solar Off-Grid Kit is equipped with a single phase off grid 5000VA /4000Watt 48V solar inverter/charger with integrated MPPT charger (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The solar inverter/charger will charge the batteries from the PV power up to 80A, also it allows AC or external generator connected to the AC-input of the inverter for backup usage.

The solar panel consisting of Mono/polycrystalline modules is supplied with pre-assembled 4m or 6mm² module cables, photovoltaic junction box with surge protection for the solar kit.

Expandable Energy Storage, Solar Panels & Inverters

The system can be expanded up to 24kW using the standard configuration as the basis where more solar panels, batteries and inverters can be added in parallel. A single phase 230VAC pure sine-wave inverter 5KVA/4kW is able of feeding continuously AC loads including lights, TV, washing machines, laptop, air-conditions, ovens, water pumps, fridges etc. If more than 5kVA power is required, up to 6 of 5kVA solar hybrid inverters can be added in parallel to get a combined 24kW system. The installation procedure is supported by our parallel operation connection part.

solar system

solar system connection


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial application, this system is the supreme power generation station for medium to large size domestic properties and small industrial units. 

solar power system


how solar system works



Q: What is the off grid solar power generation system?
A: Off-grid solar system is mainly used for application with relatively-small power consumption, and the areas have no grid network coverage, or the area has grid coverage but grid power is in unstable or outage condition. This system needs batteries to store the electricity. And all the loads shall fully rely on the batteries for power supply.

Q: Do I need to buy an additional solar charge controller?
A: No need, as our off grid solar inverter built-in PWM/MPPT solar charge controller.

Q: How you provide the warranty for the solar system products, e.g., solar panels part? 
A: We provide 25-year for solar panels product warranty, we refund or provide a new panel for customers if it has quality problem during period of warranty.

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